VIDEOS: Arab In Custody In An Attempted Attack In Tekoa, In Gush Etzion



One PA (Palestine Authority) resident was taken into custody shortly before noon on Sunday, 22 Elul, in the eastern Gush Etzion community of Tekoa.

The intended victim reports that he was taking a walk near Tekoa Junction when he spotted a man sitting on a nearby bench. He asked the person how he was doing. It immediately became clear the man was a terrorist, who began chasing him. There was a brief exchange of stone-throwing between them at some point.

As the Tekoa resident fled he lost his phone but got to the yishuv sentry post and reported the incident. Security personnel responded immediately, simultaneously declaring a security alert in the community. Sirens can be heard in an accompanying video.

The terrorist fled via the forest, climbing the fence into the yishuv and then picked up a metal bicycle in place as an ornament, trying to attack the resident with it. An armed resident, along with two others, overpowered the attacker, using non-lethal force, holding him for security forces. MDA reports three persons were treated for “light hysteria”.

In the second video, Shlomo Neeman, the head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council is heard describing the incident, praising the response of security officials.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/ Photo Credit: Media Resource Group)