Petira Of Reb Avraham Feiner Z”L; Noted Belzer Askan, Former Jerusalem Councilman, Founder Of Bais Malka School


Baruch Dayan HaEmmes: On Monday morning, 23 Elul, Belzer Askan and founder of Bais Malka, HaRav HaChossid R’ Avraham Feiner Z”L, was niftar at the age of 71 in Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, where he was admitted a number of days earlier.

For over three decades, Feiner headed Bais Malka girl’s schools in the chassidus, known throughout Eretz Yisrael and working under the direct leadership of the Rebbe Shlita. The niftar also served three terms as a Jerusalem city councilman, representative of the Belzer chassidus.

After his chasenah, the niftar lived in Kiryat Ata, and then he moved to Yerushalayim.

His Levaya was held on Monday.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)