IDF To Recognize & Train Female Mashgichim


Back in 2014, the IDF Chief of Manpower Division decided to incorporate female mashgichot kashrus into the military. That decision was met by opposition by the IDF Rabbinate and it preferred to ignore the decision. It has been four years, and nothing has changed despite instructions to the contrary.

However, today’s head of manpower, Major-General Moti Almoz, has instructed the IDF Rabbinate to abide by the ruling, and to build a program to certify females wishing to serve as mashgichot kashrus in the military.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office released the following statement: “The IDF works to integrate women in an egalitarian manner and in accordance with the needs of the system. Over the next few months, they will become kosher supervisors. The course of training that will be held at the Military Rabbinate and later placed in the various units will be determined in the near future according to a specific outline according to the date of their recruitment.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)