Teenager Arrested After Attempting To Carry Out Terror Attack in Hebron


A Palestinian teenager, aged 14, was arrested by border police stationed at the Meoras Hamachpela in Hebron after the boy attempted to carry out a terror attack and stab people using a knife that he had been holding.

The attempted attack and resulting arrest took place on Thursday afternoon. The border police officers on duty noticed the boy at one of the entrances to the sacred site. The boy was heading in the direction of the officers holding one of his hands behind his back. The suspicious style of approach alerted the officers who then ordered the boy to stop his approach following the protocol of apprehending a suspicious person. When the boy understood that the officers were onto him he threw the knife away.

The boy, whose identity is protected by law, is a resident of the town of Dura. He has been brought to the custody of the Israeli Security Service for questioning.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)