WATCH: Possible Kosher Para Adumah Found In Eretz Yisroel



According to Temple Institute officials, a perfectly red para adumah was born in Israel on 17 Elul 5778. The red heifer is being carefully protected and raised by the institute in the hope of returning a state of ‘tahara’ to the world as well a “rebuilding the Beis Hamikdash”.

According to a BeChadrei Chareidim report, the institute will continue to monitor and inspect the red heifer towards determining its suitability for the mitzvah. Of course, institute officials will bring the heifer to Gedolim for inspection towards determining its kashrus to be designated as a para adumah.

In line with this, the institute is now searching and interviewing to determine the suitability of kohanim for shechting the para adumah. The institute is actually publicizing its search for kohanim, calling on suitable candidates to step forward to be questioned and interviewed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Weren’t Red heifers born every couple of years for the last thousand years,don’t see the significance in all this,
    these guys in Israel need to get a life or better yet a JOB,they got to much free time on their hands,they are bored out of their mind LOL

  2. Waste of time and money. Moshiach will not be coming to these chaivai kores. As the Chazon Ish said to his talmidim, Moshiach won’t be coming to these Zionists. Now they aren’t even Zionists…

  3. Yaakov Doe,
    To get a tahor Kohen one would need a time machine.

    I have seen a documentary on the BBC about this blue box that might be suitable, but the BBC has a very anti-Semitic reputation (among other issues).

  4. To a56
    You actually got me to look up the Mishnah just to see if you are indeed on to something. Turns out to be just a stupid joke. Go back to sleep

  5. These mashichists with their architectural plans to rebuild beis hamikdash (with WiFi of courses) and agreements with PETA regarding protocols for karabonos are part of an incredbilty successful scam if thei fundraising and media materials are any indication. If you have money to burn, go to Eastern Parkway and Kingston Ave. and look for a bunch of yeshivish looking guys waving yellow flags followed by a guy i a kitul riding a white donkey……Gadolei yisroel have repeatedly rejected their efforts and some of their actions on har babayis are borderline chayav kores.

  6. to ANON21. A parah was not born. It’s called an eglah until it begins its second year according to Rabi Eliezer and according to the Chachamim untill it begins its third year. After the first or second year it becomes a parah and can be used as a Parah Aduma.