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Bnei Brak: Quadruplets Born to Newly Married Chareidi Couple

A young avreich and his wife, married 13 months ago, became the parents of quadruplets on erev Sukkos; three girls and a boy. All appeared healthy, B”H.

During the pregnancy, the couple was reportedly told they will be having twins and the birth of quadruplets came as a surprise.

The avreich’s parents are from Bnei Brak and his wife’s parents live in Yerushalayim. The quads were born in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah a few hours before candle lighting for the first day of Sukkos. They have since been transferred to Schneider Children’s Hospital in the city for observation.

The avreich on Yomtov davened in Beit Knesset Ishei Yisrael in Bnei Brak on the first day of Yomtov, asking the gabbai to make a mi’sheberach for his four children. The young couple has yet to decide on names for the girls, which they hope will take place in the coming days.

A friend of the avreich told Kikar Shabbos News they are planning a large Bris to show hakoras hatov to HK”BH. The new mom remains in the hospital, and plans to take her four children and rest in Telshe Stone when they are released. She hopes that during her stay, she will also receive advice as to how to become an instant mother of four.

The girls weighed in at 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lbs.) at birth and the boy was 1.2 kilograms (2.6 lbs.).

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow. Mamesh every detail revealed over here except the names of the young couple. Very interesting. I guess the tznius police won’t allow it.

  2. It could be that they hadn’t obtained the permission of the young couple to use their names. Just a matter of plain derech eretz. Mazel tov x 4 to the young people and their families!

  3. LITVOCK, triplets are easy?! Are you kidding me?! And I don’t think you need to say be”h as eiyin hora cannot be shoilet in this case in any way, shape or form. While we are very happy for the young couple, most people ( or woman at least) are not envious of people having 4 babies at a time…

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