Chareidi Murderer Yishai Schlisel Blocks Female Prison Cop From Entering Shul Due To A Lack Of Tznius


Yishai Schlisel, the chareidi man convicted of the murder of Shiri Banks, who was 16 at the time, during a Jerusalem toeiva parade a number of years ago, is once again in the news. Regarding Banks, ironically, she was not a parade participant, but looking on.

Schlisel, who portrays himself as being chareidi, was sentenced to life in prison plus 31 years. In his latest distorted battle for Yiddishkeit, he blocked a female Israel Prison Service (IPS) officer from entering a shul in the Torah Wing of Ayalon Prison, during a ceremony to complete the writing of a Sefer Torah. Schlisel insisted the officer was not dressed appropriately, and therefore, he decided she may not enter.

According to the report filed by Jackie Edmoker of Walla News, Schlisel ask that she leave the shul, adding prison officials report Schlisel told her she was not dressed appropriately, and her attire lacked modesty.

According to a BeChadrei Chareidim report, after contacting the IPS, a spokesperson said, “the officer was dressed in IPS uniform, but not according to the regulation and not according to the ethical code of the Israel Prison Service.”

Another prisoner, who together with Schlisel objected to the officer’s entry to the shul, was sent to a waiting cell until his disciplinary hearing for his offense and will probably be sent to solitary confinement for a period of time.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If she was attending the ceremony, and was in the women’s section, at most his complaint that the women’s was too visible from the men’s section.

  2. dryidd
    hows that? why? And that toaivah people by that parade ..what penalt wouldve been give to nthem for the penelty of miskav zachar your afraid to mention , huh? ?? mekilay bais shamay mekilay bais hillel haraei zeh RASHA Chulin 32b? (about)

    to ‘the little i know
    as you say, you know very little. What bothers you all is not that he murdered someone, yes, on that hes wrongs because its the bes din to punish such chayvey he is guilty, what bothers youis that he objects the miskov zochor guys..which doesnt bother you apikorsim etc so dont be such a kanoyi

  3. shimen, there is not ONE WORD IN RABBINIC literature about a BD condemning someone for mishkav zochor; plenty of words and the use of a Kuppoh.

    i cannot even recall a physical punishment given EVER for MZ. think about it. but if you killed someone – welcome to the Kuppah.

  4. DrYidd ,
    Insane or heretic or both?
    It is explicit as can be
    more than most cases of murder

    have ” a BD condemning someone for”
    adultery or killing a parent?

  5. Social laws in a society are based on values, which generally are based on the heritage of the civilization. The traditional family and traditional religious social values are under attack in civilization. The international LGBT movement, at the forefront of those attacks, often are quite aggressive, and in some cases, even violent

    This fellow obviously missing some screws yet they
    keep allowing him to freely roam

    Mysterious or conspiracy?


  6. The fellow stabbed 10 (or was it 6)years ago and was put in jail
    He told GSS he intended
    to stab again.
    They “happen” let him out 3weeks
    prior to the”parade”??
    We’re supposed to fall for being ” just police incompetence”?

  7. “but if you killed someone – welcome to the Kuppah.”

    a concrete example?

    “i cannot even recall a physical punishment given ”
    So it’s official now?officially out of the Bible ?
    Rather than allow you guys to keep pushing the envelope it’s overdue for us to push you guys out!

  8. dr yidd 10/19 11:27 AM
    listen mr ignoramas…you dont know torah law and you come over here to support these sodom behavior??!
    what do you think if one would behave this way if Bes Din would be theyre goingt …ahh forget it. Anyway mishkav zachor is one of the 36 misses and for a non jew TOOOOO!! see kedoshim Leviticus 20 pasuk( VERSE in your language) capital punishment of strangulation by the court of 23 judges see rashi
    AND THIS IS NOT RABBINIC…its torah ball peh…and if you dont believe in torah ball peh what you doing here??
    Do you fast yom kipper, circumcision, eat kosher etc etc ? why , its only Rabbinic writings. In torah doesnt say to fast Yom Kipper, where milah is .Nothing about 5 laws of shechita or 18 simonei treife and so on ..The same torah that assurs the homo abomination also assurs ralation with father sister brother mother, mother in law etc etcc so if Homo dont bother you why should the others bother you ((i’m sure it doesnt/
    I read recently read these sodom members(AKA LEFTIE) were interviwed amd thay said they have nothing against it And that what these shmutz will fight for next. FREEDOM..FREEDOM FROM RELIGION!! Yes Yes… And since you dont belive torah min hashumayim, you dont believe what it tells you in vayikra (leviticus in your gentile language) achrei,thats why the cannanites were spit out…


    Because it was such a rarity
    SH”A Even Ha’ezer
    States that explicitly and says that Jews are not suspected of it in any way and therefore don’t need proper ‘fences’ we contrive for other Cardinal Sexual sins

    That was the case in American 19th century Society as well unpalatable as it is for your ilk
    Matter of fact when a certain 1925 Hollywood film that alluded to
    these acts for the first time ,
    thousands of members of the audiences sat shocked

  10. zogger,

    Although rare and unusual and invoked often incorrectly ,there is the concept in Judaism of collateral damage
    [Do you offer condolences for innocent arabs killed next to terrorists in Gaza?]
    By showing up to the parade,she and all the victims brought it upon themselves as a national choteh U’machti

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to differentiate between the incompetent and the merely unfortunate” –General Curtis E LeMay


    When R’ Boruch Ber came to New York in 1929 he was greeted by Mayor Walker. The mayor asked him “what can I do for you Rabbi?”
    His prompt response [in Yiddish] was ‘Separate the males and females at the beaches.’

  11. mussar zoger
    where did you read that we support his murder..wheres your reading comprihension.
    its that from your comments we see the issur doesnt bother you

  12. wow. YWN has to mention he`s chareidy? its like the asbury park press (any one who lives in lakewood knows its NJ most anti frum publication) the guy is wearing a yarmulka – chareidy. us frum god fearing jews know that what makes a person frum is if he is actually shomer mitzvos – not with who he associates himself with, or how he dresses (there have been non-jews who, trying to evade arrest have pretended to be jewish and live in frum communities. would YWN consider them jews also?). that being said, why would YWN go out of they`re way to write that a murderer, that being the case, he`s not shomer mitzvos which makes him not chareidy, is chareidy?????!!!!!??? which by the way, puts a horrible name on the frum commuty at large (if he`s “chareidy” then what the difference between you me and him??)
    PS chillull hashem yom kippur isnt mechaper

  13. I had forgotten that EY no longer executes these animals but allows them to roam freely within the prison system. The prison guard should have delicately provided a knee in the groin to remind him he is fortunate that EY abolished capital punishment for murder. Its unbelievable he is given an opportunity to complain about anything.

  14. Not attempting to whitewash or justify murder in any way, but it’s fairly obvious that Shlissel is probably psychotic. It’s likely he belongs in a mental institution, not a regular prison. There was a consesus (conspiracy??) to rule him “competent to stand trial” — because the prosecution desperately wanted to make an example of him, to “send a message.” Ruling him mentally incompetent would not allow the medina’s agenda from being carried out (life in prison). Hence, he was considered mentally competent to stand trial. And now he’s in a regular prison instead of where he really belongs. We ought to judge him accordingly, even if the medina has not.

  15. the level of am’haratzes is too great for me to even try to explain. Like most who cannot deal with facts, your first resort is to make ad hominem assertions. If you cannot distinguish what was said versus what was done, you are probably not to be able to read let alone understand. have a nice day.

  16. Banks was a toeiva supporter who went to the parade to support the mishkav zochirniks. This was never in doubt and her family admitted as much openly.

  17. DrYidd[sic],
    We actually understand you and your kind loud and clear !
    can’t take the Heat?
    should we give you some benefit of the doubt and presume that you don’t understand yourself?

  18. Joey…..Whatever the reason Shiri Bank A’H, happened to be there watching the parade has ZERO relevance to her right to be there and not live in fear from being butchered by some animal dressed up in Chareidi lvush. For the same reason a female prison guard has to enter the shul dressed in her official work uniform without that same animal commenting on her appearance or right to be there. Your trolling post implying that there was some guilt by the victim because she was at the wrong place is beneath your normal contemptible comments.

  19. He is a holy holy man. He gave me a blessing and it worked big time.
    all those that are attacking him should ask themselves – what would you do when your granddaughter tells you she is engaged to her girlfriend?

  20. Gh,
    Wrong and false
    Bank was culpable &responsible
    She was hardly some innocent bystander

    blame muslims for their terrorist cousins?

  21. Gadolhadoress, (oi! i have to deal with your twisted logic so often!) the one thing that shouldnt be said about about the avaryan Banks is A”H!!!! watching is also mechazek the zoinas and anyone who cared for kvod shamayim wouldnt be anywhere near the parade. (whats next, hitler zatzal???!!???)

  22. 1140 Mack….If this murderer gave you a “blessing” than you probably should be saying tehillim because its more likely going to end for you badly.

    daas torah: thanks for the musar….I’ll also be careful never again to use the term daas torah to stand for anything consistent with yiddeshkeit. And yes, her life is worthy of an A’H and every time we see any reference to that animal Schlisel rotting in jail, it will remind us of the mistake EY made in abolishing capital punishment.