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French President Sends Emissary to Jump-Start Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestinian Authority

French President Emmanuel Macron, sent a special emissary to arrange talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah with the mission of attempting to bring about peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

According to a report that appeared on channel 10 news in Israel, the emissary is the deputy national security adviser to the French administration, Orléan la-Chevalier. la-Chevalier is considered to be one of Macron’s top confidantes.

la-Chevalier met in Jerusalem with Deputy National Security Advisor Eitan Ben-David. In Ramallah, the emissary met with a number of Palestinian Authority functionaries including the senior PA official, Saeb Erekat.

It has been reported that the main impetus behind the visit occurring at this time is to hold meetings ahead of the November 11 leaders’ summit in Paris. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and United States President Donald Trump are all expected to participate in the summit in Paris.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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