MUST WATCH: Brave Jerusalem Girl’s Reaction Scares Away Attacker – Teach Your Children The Same


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The footage is being published as an awareness, and in the hopes of preventing any such incidents, which can have life-long consequences.

The incident took place last week in Jerusalem.

A would-be attacker, appearing to be a normative Yeshiva Bochur, followed an innocent young Frum girl as she walked down a street. The girl appeared to notice something was suspicious based on how she swerves and attempts to steal a glance at the man behind her.

The suspect then followed her as she entered the building, and tries to act non-discrete while she unlocks the door to her family’s apartment.

B’chasdei Hashem, she senses as he tries to follow her inside, and begins shouting, scaring him away.

She then immediately informed a neighbor, an adult, to what had just taken place.

A police investigation is underway.

Parents are urged to take note of the actions of this brave Jerusalem girl, and to teach their children to be beware, begin screaming for assistance if attacked, and then immediately notify an adult to anything suspicious.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Attention: Yeshiva world
    Why don’t you blur out his face?
    It will be the same awareness. It will be the same awareness.
    This can destroy him for life. He needs to be locked up. But why kill him with his picture?

  2. As a mother of girls in Israel, this video is very frightening. Kol hakavod to this brave little girl who according to Israeli news is 11 years old! Please blur her face in the still pics and video as she is the victim of an almost assault…. I believe that’s the law. She is someone’s daughter, even if you don’t know her, please protect her privacy. This is the reason why I don’t believe in manual code locks for doors…. if he watched her punch a code in he could have entered any time after. Something to keep in mind if you have kids.

  3. To Avraham 12:00 & No Excuse for Loshon Hara @ 12:54
    You are both a bunch of ama ratzim ….. “Blur out HIS face??????” “this will destroy his life?’
    His face and his name must be publicized as it is a מצוה לפרסם .
    Do you want your daughter or sister or wife to be his next victim???
    This לשון הרע business has gone too far …… the next time this guy may use a knife…..
    Again I cannot stress this enough …..This must be publicized and when his name is found out …. published

  4. As of this posting we so far have two commenters defensive of this male attacker. Can we aim for 15, maybe 20 defenses? Rediculous! This could have been a robbery, kidnapping, or rape and some commenters are worried about his face being shown. I’m not calling innocence or guilty on any party because I’m not a judge and this is not the courtroom, but based on the unbiased and uncensored video if anyone wants to offer this bachur as a husband to their daughter or close relative, then I’m sure that can be arranged. I doubt he was going in there to check the mazuzahs or use the restroom.

  5. What were security camera’s doing not only one the street but also in the building ?? This building doesn’t seem like the type to have security camera’s all over the place ?!

  6. To avraham and “no excuse for LH”, you guys are kidding, right?!?!?
    Al ta’amod al dam reacha means on the VICTIM!!!! Why does anyone even need to Splain that to you!!!! It is a mitzvas aseh and CHIYUV to publicly identify this nasty animal, whom Hashem protected this brave girl from bederech ness galuy. He is a public danger and will not stop, he’ll just sniff out someone more vulnerable.
    Go back to lashon hara class and get your halacha straight, or you can consider yourselves complicit sinners, in this and any similar horror. Yes, blur the girl’s face, agreed. I elaborated in my youtube comment. Check it if you want, key word Animal.

  7. Was waiting for the Israeli version of Chris Hansen to pop out and ask this bum what he’s doing there and why he isn’t at morning Seder.

  8. Reb no excuse for lashon hora: Judging by your moniker I’ll assume you are vigilant in shmiras halashon. Judging by your inane comment, I’ll also assume you are not nearly as concerned about sexual assault victims. This type of protect the predator mentality is the reason why the webermans and kolkos had free reign to abuse innocent neshamos for years.

  9. and as usual the frumie meshigoyim pull out the lashan hora card
    what a bunch of sickos
    blur out his face????
    enlarge the picture and hand in every bais yackov

    avraham tell us your last name so nobody does a shiduch with you

  10. Attention Mrs. D,
    Maybe read my entire comment, instead of just the first few words.
    This guy is for sure going to jail. The police have access to this video and the article says clearly that the police are investigating. This guy is going to be locked up for a long time.
    I simply said that we can blur out his face.

  11. Anewuser, how DARE YOU!!! This animal is no more a yeshiva bachur just because he looks like one, than a monkey is your twin bro, just because you look like him. If a deranged pedophile chases a girl to assault her, it is because he is a bored yeshiva bachur?!?!
    I seriously worry about you.

  12. It’s not fair to blame this on boredom, as when I am bored I don’t follow young girls into their apartment unit.
    It’s not fair to blame this on “he’s not all there” or “not 100% mentally there”, as I know several participants in Bais Ezrah and Yachad-like programs whom would never try to perform such a legally, socially, and halachically inappropriate thing like this to a young woman.
    It’s not fair to say he should be in the army, because if one tries something like this in the army he might face imprisonment, fines, or a physical beating retaliation by fellow officers.
    It would be fair to #1 Not pre- judge or make a concluding decision #2 Not try to hide or disclose the details or video of the occurrence 3# Have the court of law review the witnesses, evidence, and statements to determine a legal prosecuting ruling towards this young man.

  13. To all those who responded to my post- your comments and emotional outbursts decry your ignorance. Please learn hilchos Lashon Hara and the issurim of being mekabel Lashon Hara before responding. YOur olam hahba is at stake. And for those who choose to respond further, this applies to you as well. Lashon Hara also applies to the written word- perhaps even more, because the responses get read over and over again. There is no heter because you are anonymous…. Please omit hot headed replies.

  14. This appears to be a set-up. Too many questions here….
    Video cameras in and out of this building in all the right places.
    No editing the faces of anyone here. Its probaby not a Yeshiva bachur. And more questions….Smells like someone has an agenda here….

  15. > Jeff Stuart

    “This building doesn’t seem like the type to have security camera’s”

    Well, perhaps things like this have happened before? Or perhaps there are those nervous about Muslim infiltrators. I wonder why , after all what are 400 rockets in a couple of days between good friends like us and he Muslims.

  16. This fellow badly needs to get married, and have a wife who shall watch over him, and keep him at bay. This is true example of what the Shidduch crisis is causing.

  17. Reb No excuse for lashon hora you should change your moniker to “chassid shoita” cuz that’s exactly what you are when you prioritize hilchos lashon hora over hatzalas nefashos. This guy is a rodef and that needs to be publicized not swept under the carpet like what’s been done in many so called “frum” communities.

  18. @ 147 sounds like thats the type of marriage you have. and thats not the cause of the shidduch crisis.most people in the shidduch crisis are because their the picky eater finicky personality types and not the type that are grub .

  19. Avraham: You said “Maybe read my entire comment, instead of just the first few words.”
    Oh, I read it, sir, I read it. it only reinforced my decision to make a very emphatic comment in response. I have actually learned hilchos shmiras halashon and chafetz chaim in its entirety, and in the original – not the English abridged version, a number of times with a very scholarly study partner, and constantly tested myself on the details,not to mess up in either direction. I do not pretend to be a possek,and I realize when i need to ask a shailah, but, sir, this is 101! I can conclude by wondering if you read the rest of MY message. The halacha is spelled out. IN addition, without revealing what I do not have to here, rest assured I have had involvement with a number of awful cases of very hurt children who were generally sacrificed on the altar of preventing the destruction of the “Life” of the mamzer perp. I have had big Rabbanim confirm what I already said. It is a pity,but I hope we soon see a turnaround in this confused society.
    PS anyone who is thinking this is a setup – halevai. But, I have a keenly developed sixth sense and with all my experience…when I saw the creep behind the girl and her reaction, I could feel the horrifying vibes right through my screen bro. In the unlikely event that someone set this up to make someone look bad, would you mind coming up with an explanation of how in the world what this guy did was in truth fine and innocent and explainable? NOT.

  20. 147, so perhaps you want to give your daughter to him for a wife so he won’t run after girls?

    There’s NO EXCUSE for harming (or trying to harm) innocent girls.

  21. if someone feels they are being followed, the last place they should go is home! they should either go into a store and tell someone they are being followed or go to a main street and tell an adult.

  22. What’s puzzling is the gap of 24 minutes from when he runs out of the apt, and returns some 24 minutes later with hat & jacket, looking for what?? Lost phone?? Clip shows 12:00:05 —12:24:09.
    I’d like to see some footage of inside & outside the bldg. during those 24 minutes.

  23. To all you people that say he needs the army and whatever else. He doesn’t need the army. He needs a place that will help him realize that he has a problem. Testing to see if he needs a phsycoward or something but he doesn’t need the army. I think he should be in jail for attempted rape or a phsyco ward if he’s not 100% there but no army.

  24. …. Also, as he returns , camera shows him entering for a few seconds, then exiting. Doesn’t show what he was doing there, or who else happened to be there… No camera at that spot?

  25. He can back for his kippah, as he runs away u can see him put his arm on his head because his kippah fell off during the escape. That’s what he came back for.

  26. @ mrs d
    would you mind naming a few rabbanim
    (i just want to make it i’m not disagreeing with you I’m just totally not sure which way to go)

    but to the topic at hand it is 100% set up

  27. I know it’s been said a few times already, but I’ll “throw my hat in” too. Marriage isn’t likely going to resolve the alleged circumstance of this boy. Rabbonim, mental health workers, and therapists do not “prescribe” marriage to someone suffering with addictions of looking at inappropriate things on the internet/TV/magazines, certain other particular inappropriate addictions, or attempts of abuse towards women. It’s as absurd as if someone recommending really ‘awesome’ kosher food to a teen going off the derech and eating treif. You can’t resolve it by saying, “because there are limited kosher restaurants where he lives, now he went off the derech and is eating treif food; if ONLY there were some awesome kosher pizza and burger joints”.

  28. It is a huge mitzvah to publicize this video, and I commend Yeshiva World News for doing so. I do agree with those who commented that the girl’s face should be blurred.

    To be sure it is a very painful decision to publish such a video, as it will certainly cause untold pain to the criminal depicted in the video, and more importantly, to his family. It is also very painful to all yeshiva bachurim for such a video to be publicized, as it allows small-minded people to claim that anyone who dresses this way is a predator.

    Yet we must choose to suffer this pain, because it is not even a minor nuisance compared to the pain this girl will now suffer from the trauma. Who knows how many children were already molested by this predator because they did not have the courage or education to scream? Research shows that predators have many many victims, and continue to accumulate victims until physically arrested.

    We are obligated to publicize people who prey on children, so that all parents can be aware and so that this person will be afraid to show his face near any child, lest people shame him publicly for his deeds.

    I agree that it is sad because he is probably mentally ill, and very likely was molested himself. Boredom doesn’t lead people to hurt children in this way. This criminal probably was seriously abused, and it is sad that he ended up doing such crimes. It’s also sad that his life is now destroyed publicly.

    But how can we in good conscience allow this person to continue to hide? He is a threat to thousands of children’s lives. Molestation leads to suicide and/or lifelong serious suffering. Ashreichem Yeshiva World News for doing this mitzvah. It is not a mitzvah that should be done besimcha. It should be done with a heavy heart, but with full force.

  29. A Lynch Mob Has never been part of our System
    Although there is קנאים פוגעים בו and גואל הדם

    However his Photo probably should be Posted If something like this happened more than once

    Judge Kavanaugh Also made when he was 15 One mistake

  30. Teach your daughters to carry their keys in their fingers so its a weapon.
    Send your daughters to krav magra classes.
    Teach them to not open their apartment door with a stranger following up so close. She should have shouted in the street, or she should have knocked on the door of the neighbor .

    BzH she is safe
    Lock the mumzer up.

  31. SCARY!!!! Probably creepy too.

    I watched this in the Israeli version too. I believe the father there requested that his daughter face be blurred. Feel SO, SO bad for this poor innocent Neshamah… She suffered once, now has to have herself broadcast for all…