Former DM Ya’alon: I Knew About The Terror Tunnels Too


Moshe Ya’alon, a former Defense Minister and IDF Chief of Staff, on Thursday commented on the ongoing IDF operation to locate and destroy Hezbollah terror tunnels along Israel’s border to Southern Lebanon; Operation Northern Shield.

Ya’alon, who resigned as Defense Minister due to disagreement with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, insists that when he stated in 2016 that there was no need to be concerned as there are no tunnels in the north, he knew that was not the case, adding, “It is permitted to lie” when one does so to keep the nation calm, and that was the case.

According to the Ladaat News report, Ya’alon explained that he acted as he did to keep northern residents calm, adding he is confident the timing of the operation that is ongoing was decided upon by the military, not the politicians, but nevertheless, “the politicians benefit from it”, hinting at his political nemesis, PM Binyamin Netanyahu.

Ya’alon has indicated he plans to establish his own party and run in the next Knesset elections, but polls over recent months show he does not earn sufficient votes to pass the minimum threshold to enter Knesset.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)