BOMB SCARE: Suspicious Note Prompts Evacuation of Prague Flight


A Chareidi couple began their vacation with a little bit of extra drama on Sunday after a bomb scare caused an uproar in the Prague airport. The couple was flying on JET2 flight LS887 from Manchester to Prague on Sunday afternoon when a crew member found a note in the bathroom on-board the flight that had an image of a bomb drawn on it.

The note was discovered some 40 minutes prior to landing in Prague. The flight crew did not inform the passengers, but they did inform the ground crew and security staff at the airport.

Once the plane landed, the flight crew informed the passengers to disembark as quickly as possible after telling them what they discovered. The newly married husband later told BeChadrei Charedim that the passengers rushed off the plane and all luggage remained on-board and awaited a thorough security check. Each passenger was checked individually as was each bag.

“The checked each of us individually and they were very stressed. They ran us out of the plane very quickly. We had to wait for a very long time while they checked each bag individually before allowing it off the plane.”

Czech media reported a short time after the incident that there were 183 people on the flight including crew members. They also reported that no bomb was found on the plane or in the luggage by security forces.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)