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SHMAD ALERT: Campaign Against French Olim Arriving in Israel is in Full Swing

MK (Shas) Michael Malchieli is sounding the alarm over the state of Yiddishkeit of recent immigrants to Israel from France

In a letter sent to the Minister of Absorption & Immigration, he wrote:

“It is happening again. Thousands of Jews are making Aliyah from France and and history is repeating itself, as was the case when thousands arrived seventy years ago, and after so many years we are asking ourselves why didn’t the state absorb them in religious institutions? They came from religious families!

“We now see thousands of immigrants arriving from France, and representatives of the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Absorption & Immigration do not understand they need to be registered in Talmud Torahs and Yeshivos. Once again, the state is removing tens of thousands of Jews from their Yiddishkeit and this must stop!”

Malchieli sent the letter to the Minister of Absorption, who today is Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as the position was previously filled by a member of the Yisrael Beitenu party, which broke away from the coalition.

During a visit to France in 2017, the Satmar Rebbe Shlita of Williamsburg warned the tzibur to “save the children” and not make aliyah, fearing the Shmad that would follow. The Rebbe pointed out that many of the religious members of the community who moved to Israel in the two years prior were losing their Yiddishkheit.

In 2015, Deputy Minister of Education Meir Porush warned that children arriving in Eretz Yisrael from France may not receive a torani education, concerned state officials would place them in secular schools.

In 2015, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch also issued a warning during a shiur, as following a terror attack in France, the Prime Minister called on French Jews to make aliyah. The rav however issued a warning, concerned with the spiritual future of the children, stating “Israel is not safer”, referring to the Jews from Yemen and their spiritual destruction. The rav stated it is forbidden for them to move to Israel if they are not certain that they will be settled in chareidi areas and placed in chareidi schools.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If these families are from religous homes and families are not having children separated why not warn parents they should insist on religous places and also give them contact info of religous orgs???? If children are torn from parents we can go all out at this offense!

  2. Nobody is forcing anyone… we have moved on from 70 years ago! The French community has its religious leaders & they will no doubt absorb these Olim Chadashim… if they want to be frum! You can’t force them into a secular lifestyle any more than you can force them to be frum.

    Once again, this is all about control. And just out of curiosity… why the concern purely over French olim? What about those from South America, Australia, UK, USA? They face the exact same challenges. Unless of course the French community doesn’t have any infrastructure in place, which I seriously doubt. The French Jews I know are doing very well in all areas including Yiddishkeit.

  3. SHMAD ALERT is that YWN has to stop posting pictures of woman not dressed properly like in this photo yes maybe people dont realize it or get bothered by it but according to halacha this woman is not dressed and ur putting it on a jewish website

  4. Skops:: Are you trolling or truly meshugah?? There is only one woman fully depicted in the photo and she is wearing a long skirt and a blouse with a conservative neckline. There are other women in the background who also are fully covered. There is one young girl (perhaps 4-5 years old) wearing shots? If that has you agitated, get some help. All the others photos are so tiny in the background you cannot see anything.

  5. HML: Having infrastructure in place does not mean being able to absorb thousands of new students. Lakewood and Monsey schools can’t keep up with massive growth Ka”h, so who’s to say Israeli neighborhoods with lots of French immigrants can?

    I would have hoped that the situation has improved since about 2015 when I first read about this issue, but if there are more oilim and other factors at play, it may not have been an easy fix.

    A few years ago I mentioned an article on this topic here
    and was torn down by the usual guys. So I’m waiting for them to resurface with the same arguments…

    What we need are true facts on the ground from those in the know, not simple denials based on wishful thinking.

  6. Chareidy mosdos tried to participate in pre-aliyah events in France but have been prevented by the officials.
    These are frum people but dress more casual than other chareidim and therefore give the impression they do not belong to our Tzibur while they would fit perfectly in Chinuch Atzmai Schools.
    In many cases Askonim tried to convince parents to send children to chareidy schools only to be silenced by less religious relatives or officials.

    This is a clear case of intentional well prepared repeat of what happened to Olim from Teiman and other Arab countries 70 years ago R”L. It’s going on for years now.

  7. hml – you’re 100% correct. It’s all a question of control. Satmar is one step ahead of Lev Tahor. But don’t tell anyone.

  8. I quote “During a visit to France in 2017, the Satmar Rebbe Shlita of Williamsburg warned the tzibur to “save the children” and not make aliyah”
    In that case, I will believe the opposite. Satmar hates the Medina and will say ANYTHING they can against it. Reb Yoilish was wrong about Israel, as is every Satmar chasid that is brainwashed by their system. You want to save children? Get them the heck out of satmar!

  9. When two Frenchman tell you that you are drunk, go home (with a designated driver of course) and lay down. L’havdil, when Rav Moshe Sternbuch, the Satmar Rebbe, Rav Meir Porush, and MK Malkieli, tell us there is a problem of coercion, believe them.

  10. Fake News!!!!!
    The French Jews making Aliyah are not frum at all… those who are, send their children to frum schools… this is just a ploy from my holy rebbe to steal your money ……..
    they laughing all the way to the bank….

  11. OMG. What a load of “FAKE NEWS”. Shame on you. As a oleh in the recent past NO ONE placed my children in any school. We chose the chinuch which was best for our sons. Spreading such malicious lies are akin to the Sins of the Meraglim for which we are still suffering. Lashon Horaa and Sheker about Eretz Yisrael ? Have you stooped so low Yeshiva World ?

  12. The Hamodia reported this over a week ago. The French rabbonim are wringing their hands in dispair and have asked the Jewish Agency to stop organising Aliya drives that result in kids being indoctrinated into secular schools upon arriving in EY r”l.

    France is not the UK, or like other kehillos. They are strongly traditional but otherwise dress and outwardly act secular in many ways. They are spread throughout Paris and wider France and don’t have strong kehillos to rally behind and forwarn against this new Yaldei Teiman episode challilah.

    Now you can see how the Yaldei Teiman happened despite protests. A bunch of naysayers, Amalekim in Jewish garb, hoping to pour letzonus and cool the boiling waters of protest. Mizrachisten and Dati-Leumi for whom the state can do not wrong, and therefore mustn’t possibly be in the wrong.

    Ignore the commentors here, and let’s get moving in the real world and save these French neshomos from being led astray from their upbringing.

  13. FAKE NEWS!!!!

  14. It’s a disgrace for YWN to publish a post commenting against the saintly Satmar Rebbe Reb Yoilish ZT”L!

    Current and past efforts by the treifene Zionist to secular chareidy youth prove his point in the clearest way.
    There is a large Satmar community in Israel and contrary to Netura Karta he never said you mustn’t live in Israel. But for the French it is a spiritual danger as many French immigrant youth have already dropped their Yiddishkeit they had back in France!

  15. The Israeli chareidi system cannot absorb talmidim of yeshivos that don’t speak Ivrit fluently. The chareidi system is so much different (for better or for worse) than the CHU”L version. Especially when their foreign accent can play so heavily in their Hebrew language skills, just to play catch-up on the Israelis who have been learning full time (with no secular studies) for 15 years….. it’s next to impossible.

    E”Y is still golus, but a different culture. You don’t escape golus by leaving CHU”L.

    Don’t get me wrong – there are many French that speak a fluent Hebrew, and they very often marry Israelis (I know many such couples). However, to throw kids into the mix when they’re in their teenage years is asking for trouble.

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