AFTER TWO WEEKS: Girl Declared ‘Chareidi’ By The IDF And Released From Prison 6


The Chabad girl who has been in IDF Prison 6 for about two weeks has finally been recognized as ‘chareidi’ by the IDF and released from incarceration, as she is no longer required to serve in the military. The Peleg Yerushalmi had threatened to hold daily protests until she was released.

According to a report from Kol Berama Radio host Mendy Rizel, the military finally accepted Rivka Hadjadj’s affidavit that she leads a chareidi lifestyle and is therefore not obligated to serve in the army. The IDF apparently checked a bit deeper and learned that Rivka was not lying but is indeed frum and does indeed lead a chareidi lifestyle.

As reported by YWN-Israel, a number of years earlier, Rivka’s family dealt with a tragedy, leading her to abandon the frum lifestyle for a short period. However, during that period, she posted some photos to Facebook, which the IDF used to ‘prove’ she is not really religious and was just pretending to be chareidi to get out of military service.

She was arrested and remained in jail for refusing to be drafted, and now, B’chasdei Hashem, following many protests on her behalf, she has been released.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. its a Chutzpa for the Army test Chabod like this
    the Medina and army must really be afraid of Chabod
    this was a bad example of Jurisprudence

  2. A huge Yasher Koach to the Peleg for keeping up the heat and pressure with their unending protests thereby forcing the Zionist military and courts to cave.

  3. who said it had to do with peleg? it had to do with the army investigating properly and seeing that the girl had gone down a bit and then returned to her observance again.

    peleg had nothing to do with it!

  4. Token, yes it was.

    thegreatfixer, I’m sorry to break it to you but Chabad had little to do with the protests on her behalf. It was mostly carried out by those affiliated with Bnei Torah (Eitz) and the Eidah Chareidis – who have faced sharp criticism from this site and many in it’s readership.

  5. Ayeshivishguy, the majority of critisism is the fact that they hinder people from using the roads to get to school, work, appointments, block emergency vehicles, etc.

    Protests are ok, and in many situations the right thing to do, when they are in the appropriate location. I supported Peleg’s protest now but I don’t support the harrasement of innocent individuals by blocking roads.

  6. Philosopher, those complaints are very reasonable. Peleg has no interest to disrupt traffic for no reason.

    They do however feel that the current situation where since the enactment of the 2015 draft law, Chareidi enlistment has skyrocketed, can not continue.

    In Israel, blocking streets is a valid form of protest. Wev’e seen it with the disabled who have blocked central arteries for hours because they wanted a bigger handout from the government. Wev’e seen it with the Teva employees who are worried they will be layed off in a few years, and the Bnei Torah/Peleg also protest in a similar fashion for what they view as a crucial issue.