WATCH: Peleg Protester Holds Toddler While Blocking Street, Enraged Resident Take Matters Into Own Hands


The Peleg was out protesting on Monday night, as they have promised to do nightly until a Chabad affiliated girl – Rivka Bas Simcha – is released from IDF prison.

At one particular protest in Jerusalem, a man was seen blocking the street with his young toddler in stroller in front of him. Enraged residents began shouting at the man and the other protestors.

[UPDATE – Girl Declared ‘Chareidi’ By The IDF And Released After 2 Weeks in Prison 6]


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VIDROS: The Peleg Yerushalmi was out protesting in #Jerusalem’s KiKar Shabbos on Monday night, as they have promised to do each night until a Chabad affiliated girl – Rivka Bas Simcha – being jailed by the #IDF is released. The IDF want to draft her, but she refuses to cooperate, and as such, she has been jailed for a number of weeks. According to her mother, a tragedy struck the family number of years ago, and the young woman in question abandoned her frum lifestyle for a brief period, during which time she posted some questionable photos on Facebook. Despite returning to her frum life and school, the IDF insists she is not Shomer Shabbos and insists on drafting her.

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WATCH: Good samaritan helps #police clear Peleg protestors blocking traffic on Yechezkel Street in #Jerusalem, #Israel

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  1. These people are truly doing the work of the Eruv rav. They are also extremely stupid and are being manipulated by political forces they don’t even begin to comprehend.

  2. Somebody, soon, will get angry enough to drive a car through the protesters. I can’t say that I’d blame that person.

    No civilized country in the world would put up with this.

  3. just listen to the way the guy is talking and filthying his mouth and u understand why i would rather be on the side of the peleg demonstrators.
    id rather my children be raised with friends who their parents take them to protest (not that im very into that either) than be raised with friends who their parents are busy all day on whatsapp and trash talk like the last and the lowest of the chiloni society

  4. Until and unless the authorities arrest and jail these so called Rosh Hayeshivas who have spawned and encourage these hoodlums and gangsters,this obscenity will go on,all these gangsters should be charged with insurrection and treason and given long prison sentences

  5. First of all, the term Good Samaritan is an antisemitic Christian term. Look it up if you don’t know that. But second, looks like the answer to Peleg crowd control is to just use female personnel.

  6. I’m generally against protests but I’m glad someone cares about an innocent girl who is being drafted into the army against her wishes. No women belong in the army, certainly no frum girls belong in the army. Mi kiamcha Yisroel that they care about others.

    BUT it is terrible THESE PROTESTS ARE HARMING THE WRONG PEOPLE!!! The protesters cannot block roads and inconvenience and place in danger innocent bystanders and their own children.

    These protests should be moved to the correct locations where they will not be problematic for others who need to use the roads.

  7. takahmamash says ppl should ram vehicles into fellow jews
    DrYidd says bnei torah sould be getting a secular education
    chugibugi says roshei yeshiva should be arrested and tried for treason
    theywnreader says woman should be used for improper purposes (bnois moav, while his like complain of using children)
    and then they wonder why more and more bnei torah are joining the peleg….

  8. Misleading title. I don’t see anybody taking matters into own hands. That title suggests someone hitting, pushing or removing the protesters, which didn’t happen.