Operation Northern Shield to Last Several More Weeks, Destroying More Hezbollah Terror Tunnels


On Thursday, the IDF gave a report estimating how much longer Operation Northern Shield was going to take. The report said that the operation was likely going to take a few more weeks and that the army would continue its operation until all of the tunnels crossing into Israel in the north were located and destroyed.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit made the announcements. The Unit’s spokesperson added that a tunnel originating in Kfar Kila, a town in south Lebanon, that was heading for Metulla was destroyed after sealing material was pumped into it. Thus far, the IDF has announced that five cross-border terror-tunnels from different locations have been discovered and destroyed since the operation began at the beginning of December.

The IDF pumped enough materials into the tunnel that aerial footage showed the materials flooding a building in the Lebanese town.

At a press conference on Thursday IDF Spokesperson Jonathan Conricus told journalists:  “The footage that we have sent clearly indicates exactly what happened and shows beyond any doubt that the tunnels did indeed cross from Lebanon into Israel. We still have probably a few weeks, but that’s an estimate… The operation will end once all of these cross-border attack tunnels have been found and destroyed.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)