Drastic Cut In Stipends Paid To Talmidim & Avreichim Alike


It appears that a welcome growth in the number of bnei torah in Eretz Yisrael has resulted in a drastic cut in the overall budget. According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, in the current budget that was given out on Monday for the yeshivos and kollelim, NIS 90 was deducted from every avreich and NIS 45 from every talmid yeshiva.

In total, they were deposited in yeshiva and Kollel accounts – NIS 415 for each yeshiva student and NIS 747 for each avreich. This suggests that this is a cut of millions of shekels from yeshivas.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So exactly what have the Hareidi parties accomplished for the Yeshivas? There is still a draft hanging over the lives of all Torah Jews. Shabbos is still being publicly violated. Yeshivas are now receiving even less support.

  2. AZ, the Religious parties can do so much with the seats they have in the Knesset!! How about for starters, 500,00 American Jews come to Israel, OUR HOME, and that will add about 12-13 seats at least, with the 6-7 the party already have and then they will have more Power to do something for Bnai Torah. The more Torah Jews, the more seats in the Knesset!! Could anyone imagine if Torah Jews had 25-30 seats!!!!! My fellow American Jews, the writing is on the wall. I have always said, At the end we will all return, The Question is HOW!!! By ourselves or Chas VeShalom by force!!! America has years ago, began its decent. Now, in America, White people are being attacked as “White Privileged” or White Supremacist” When that doesn’t go down well, it will be the JEW!!! Considered yourselves Warned!!!

  3. ashtt8: How about for starters, Israel would be able to provide jobs, housing and education for 500,000 American Jews? Then, your announcement might be viable. Gross salaries of NIS 6-7,000 (about $2.700), outrageously expensive housing, etc., are not big selling points for people who are accustomed to more than that.
    Laughing: believe it or not, the majority actually do. But, while they are studying, it’s proper for them (for their yeshivas actually) to receive some assistance. Most countries provide some support for students.