Wave of Attempted Car Thefts Near Modi’in


Israeli Police arrested two Arabs near Ramallah on suspicion of attempting to steal a car at the entrance to Kibbutz Einat and a truck at the Shilat industrial zone. The suspects are aged 38 and 22 and hail from the town of Budrus.

Last Wednesday a police report from Rosh Ha’ayin was received by the police regarding two Arabs who tried to steal the car at a gas station located near the entrance to Kibbutz Einat.

An officer was dispatched to the scene and upon arrival determined that while the woman was filling her tires with air one of the suspects arrived, got into the car, and tried without success to escape with it. The second suspect waited in a nearby car.

The owner noticed the suspect sitting in her car and attempting to steal it. She ran towards him and began punching the suspect in an attempt to extricate him from the vehicle and raise an alarm. The suspect escaped to the second vehicle that was waiting nearby and together the suspects fled the scene.

Following the incident, police began extensive searches in the area and the suspects were eventually located near the Shilat Junction. Having failed at the gas station, the duo was attempting to steal a truck from the industrial zone. The Suspects noticed the policemen and tried to escape. In the resulting chase, the suspects sideswiping the police car and caused it heavy damage.

The two Arabs were arrested and their remand was extended until Thursday.

In a separate incident in the same area, Palestinian Muslims attacked a woman driver and successfully stole her car near the entrance to the Palestinian village of Dir Kadis. The victim, who is a resident of Modi’in, set up to sell her car near the village, and when she arrived at the scene, she was attacked and forcibly removed from her vehicle.

The Palestinians fled with the vehicle into the village. Security forces that were dispatched to the scene began an investigation and are attempting to retrieve the vehicle.

On January 9th, Palestinians surrounded a woman while she was in her car and attempted to forcibly remove her and steal the vehicle. The window of the car was smashed by a hammer in the attempt. Luckily the woman in that incident succeeded at escaping.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)