IDF Soldier Court-Martialed For Putting a Photo of Active Gaza Operation On-Line


A soldier from the armored tank corps was court-martialed today and received 15 days in jail for transgressing the orders of the IDF with regards to field security.

The soldier took a photo of the Gaza border from inside a tank and published it on social media. The photo was taken during operations along the border. The photo spread widely on social media and even reached Arabs inside Gaza.

Due to the incident, cellular phones have been outlawed during operations in the area. Only officers who are company commanders or higher are allowed to use their phones as of now.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office said: “The soldier took a photo and published it via his cell phone while he was inside a military vehicle during an active operation. This is in direct violation of field safety instructions that prohibit the taking of photographs and their publication during military operations. These instructions are based on the fact that our enemies use this information to endanger the lives of our soldiers. Due to this infraction, the soldier in question was court-martialed by his commanding officers and will now be punished according to the severity of his crime.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)