PHOTOS: Police Raid Factory Manufacturing Bogus Elite Coffee


The attached photos were taken during a raid of a factory operation in Moshav Zimrat, near Netivot in southern Israel. The factory was manufacturing coffee, and packaging it under the ‘Elite’ name without authorization.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Rebitzen…
    I am sure you know this but just to clarify: not all elite coffee is caffeine free. They might have a caffeine free profuct too but they sell caffeinated coffee
    It’s in general unfortunate that most decaf coffee doesn’t not tell you how much caffeine there is in the decaf , few tell you
    (Side note : you might want to ask a Rabbai if you can buy decaf coffee even without a heksher for Passover , I know there are two processes to get caffeine out of coffee one requires chemicals one doesn’t.. I have been told by my rabbanim that I can buy coffee without a heksher for Passover but I don’t know about decaf)