Jerusalem Municipality Takes Measures To Protect Social Workers & Educators


The Jerusalem Municipality maintains social workers and members of the education system: A unique application will transform the cell phone of the social workers and school administrators into a combined distress and video button where they can report and call for help from any event they encounter violence or danger

The goal – a quick response to every employee’s distress call anywhere in the city.

The development of Carbyne will also be expanded in the future to municipal employees who will be able to immediately report violence, danger, serious hazards and more.

The Jerusalem Municipality, led by the Business and Technological Development Administration, has recently launched a pilot project to strengthen the personal safety of social workers and school principals in the city.

In cooperation with Carbyne, all school principals and 100 social workers from all over the city will be hooked up to a state-of-the-art technological system that will turn their mobile phone into a dedicated security button that will be used in case of emergency and direct them to the emergency center.

The service is installed on the Kravain C-NOW application, allowing employees to immediately report an incident of violence, including live video transmission based on precise location, directly to the emergency call center and call for quick assistance and treatment by municipal security officials.

Social workers throughout the city provide services and assistance of great importance to needy populations, and they often encounter severe violence on the part of residents. In the education system, too, violence is sometimes encountered by students or their parents. The special service is designed to give these employees a protective tool that will give them the highest level of security.

The municipality intends to expand the use of this service in the future to municipal workers, all social workers, all employees of the education system and other municipal service providers.

The municipality added that the new service joins a long list of protective measures operated by the Emergency and Security Division to protect social workers and city employees, including close human security, security guards at the welfare and educational institutions, technological means, security cameras and more. The division’s security officers and employees work around the clock to secure the workers and the new service will increase the security of the workers and will significantly assist the city’s ability to ensure their safety and provide a quick response to any emergency.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/ קרדיט צילום: חברת Carbyne)