Soldiers From Nachal Charedi Save Life Of Palestinian Woman


Soldiers from the IDF’s Netach Yehuda (Nachal Chareidi) saved the life of a Palestinian woman on Sunday.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted the following statement on Sunday: “Our soldiers were driving when they saw a car stopped on the side of the road. They got out & saw a Palestinian woman who was having trouble breathing. Her two children in the car with her. Our soldiers gave her initial medical treatment, called for an ambulance and saved her life.”

The unit in question was on its way to do security detail in Beit El when they spotted the vehicle stopped on the side of route 60 near Givat Assaf.

The combat soldiers got out of their vehicle in order to inspect the car which was suspiciously inoperative. They found a Palestinian woman and her two children inside the vehicle. The woman was suffering from shortness of breath and no longer able to drive. The soldiers checked her vials signs, ordered an ambulance and provided her with immediate medical care until the ambulance arrived. According to forces on the ground, the soldiers saved the life of this woman.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)