Gazan Parents Are Abandoning their Children at the Israeli Border Rather Than Returning to the Strip


Last week, a young child was left at the Erez checkpoint between Israel and Gaza. The child was abandoned by a parent who had come from Gaza with his child who required medical attention in Israel. Israel allowed the father and son into the country so that the son could receive the medical treatment needed. When the time came to return to Gaza, the father sent the child with another person to the checkpoint and stayed in Israel illegally.

According to COGAT, this incident is just the latest in a continuing trend of parents staying illegally in Israel and abandoning their children to their own fate in Gaza after coming to Israel seeking medical treatment for their child.

This type of incident happens numerous times a month according to COGAT officials.

“As a father, I do not comprehend how a parent simply abandons their child,” said Colonel Aiad Sarchan, Head of the COGAT Unit in the Gaza region. “The same parent who is supposed to accompany their child, and give them a sense of safety and security, decided to stay in Israel as an illegal alien and send his son or daughter with a stranger back into Gaza, without any recognizable face to bring him or her home. I don’t understand how a parent can send a child in a stranger’s hands without worrying about the child’s safety.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What’s so hard to understand? These are the same chayos who send their kids to be suicide bombers and then celebrate when they are are “successful”. So abandoning there kids isn’t even as bad in there sick mentality.