WATCH: Police Chopper Locates Missing Family After Nightfall At Nachal Darja Near Dead Sea


On Wednesday, police and Search and Rescue Units began combing the “Nachal Darja” (Daraja Wadi) for a father and five children who were reported to have gone hiking along the trail but who had not been heard from since the morning.

After an protracted search on foot, police sent a helicopter into the air to conduct an aerial search in addition to the one on the ground. The helicopter reported that they saw the family and relayed the location back to the Megillot and Ein Gedi Search and Rescue teams. The teams are currently heading towards the location of the missing family and there status is unknown.

A second search has also just begun in Wadi Qelt also in the Judean desert after police received a phone call from an individual stating that he was stuck in the wadi and the call got cut off. The Search and Rescue Teams from the Megillot region split into two teams ad one branched off to the nearby wadi to conduct the second search.

At this time of year, the waters of both wadis are very cold and there is a serious concern that those trapped will be suffering from hypothermia.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. relieved and grateful they’re safe, but deeply upset at the father’s negligence and irresponsibility. this was only a few hairs from being yet another disastrophe. maybe the father should spend a few days in jail or at least be fined a massive sum.

  2. kuchlefel

    So far I haven’t heard that the father did anythong wrong – in fact on the media here the volunteers met other people who had been in the WAdi and seen the family – apprently they were on the trail

    Have u heard otherwise????