Israel: Outrage As Shaimos (Genizah) Is Tossed With The Trash


Genizat Kodesh Merkazit is responsible for removing all of the genizah from around Israel. It has been learned the contractor actually removing the genizah has dumped it in a garbage dump that is wet, resulting in a desecration of the holy items.

The announcement read: “The landfill site signed with the Genizat Kodesh Central association and in total contradiction to the halacha genizah has been buried together with waste and refuse. The rabbonim learned of this according to the BeChadrei Chareidim report, and instructed that cooperation was them to be terminated immediately.

“The genizah that was collected is now stored in the organization’s warehouses until an alternative site is found, and the evacuation service of the genizah facilities throughout the country will continue as usual, and we daven that we will succeed and there will not be problems amid our efforts,” the statement read.

The report adds the person responsible has been suspended from his post as the rabbonim are working to correct the alarming reality of what occurred and to prevent any future occurrences.

A YWN-Israel report from last year provides a video explaining how the system operates when it is done properly.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: BeChadrei Chareidim)