Chareidi Family Tried Getting to Canada Via Jordan


jordanOn Thursday, 14 Sivan 5773, YWN-ISRAEL reported that a chareidi couple and their six children were arrested by Jordanian authorities after illegally crossing the border from Israel close to midnight. Following IDF and Foreign Ministry intervention, it was learned that they were returned to Israel on Thursday afternoon. However, officials admitted the reason for their illegal border crossing remained a mystery.

It appears they decision to cross the border illegally stemmed from the family’s decision to try to get to Canada to connect with the Lev Tahor group. The father was aware that there is a restraining order against him prohibiting him from leaving Israel.

The father’s family feared he would try taking the children to Canada to join a cult, succeeding in obtaining the restraining order against him. Determined to make it to Canada, they tried making their way via Jordan, albeit without success.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)