Why Is Porush So Concerned With Blue and White’s Chareidi Woman Attorney?


Deputy Minister Meir Porush, a leading figure in the Yahadut Hatorah party, for some reason decided to focus on the female chareidi attorney who holds a realistic place on the Blue and White party list, Omer Yankelovich. She is in the party’s 23rd spot, and polls predict the party will receive 30 or more seats in the 21st Knesset.

Porush’s Yahadut Hatorah party has already launched an attack against Yankelovich, about two weeks ago, in which party officials are quoted saying, “The appointment of a Chareidi woman in a list that is anti-Chareidi, that has proven that it wages war against everything that is holy and precious, and that works against the rights of this segment of society, just proves how foolish and irrelevant this party really is.”

With under a month until Knesset elections, on Tuesday, March 9, 2019, Porush, who is chairman of the Shlomei Emunim faction of Agudas Yisrael, was interviewed by Kikar Shabbos News. Following are some of the highlights of that interview, in which he explains the party is working to get the Chabad vote, as well as commenting on the chareidi women on the Blue and White list.

Kikar Shabbos News (KSN)
A lot of bad blood passed between Degel Hatorah and Agudas Yisrael in the municipal local elections; Have you really put it all behind you, for the sake of the cause-or is it imaginary joining of hands?

“If I analyze this correctly, Agudas Yisrael is afraid to go alone in the elections, and so is Degel Hatorah, afraid to go alone, so we united forces, but they are separate parties, in their MKs, opinions and money. Everyone conducts himself on his own.”

Do you still have anger at what happened in the municipal elections?

“We have now made the agreement with Degel without anger, and the agreement speaks of a clear half-half division, and the goal is important.”

Why should Chabadnikim vote davka for Yahadut Hatorah?

Chabad is not in any of the political parties. It frustrates a Chabad Chossid when he hears someone reporting they affiliate with any party. I call on Chassidei Chabad: We are the most chareidi party; and always have been and will continue to be.

Today, it is also clear to all the various streams that in Yahadut Hatorah we are saying, ‘we are going with Netanyahu’. There is no chance that we are going with Gantz, because Lapid is together with him. Lapid will control him. The people in Yesh Atid will control Gantz, if he is in the government. Therefore, all the factions in Yahadut Hatorah declare that they are going to be with Netanyahu. We are the most skilled of all the parties.

When Porush was asked about the Chareidi candidate in the Blue and White party, Omer Yankelovich, he refused to respond, but then he did comment: “it harms all of Chareidi Jewry. When Omer Yankelovich will run on her own, we will see if she gets in, and if she does something.”

KSN points out that it is interesting that when responding, Porush in his Hebrew used the male gender when referring to Yankelovich, as seen below.

“זה פוגע בכל יהודי חרדי. כשעומר ינקלביץ ילך לבד ברשימה – נראה אם הוא נכנס, אם הוא עשה משהו”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. because ,porush is terrified if she wins then his wife will also want to
    run and then he s finished as the the megela states haman warned achasvarus perek 1 pusuk 20
    vcul hanshim yiteni yukor labalahain;;;
    happy purim

  2. Porush again shows himself to be a political hack whose recent rants in general, and against Ms. Yanelovitch in particular, are incoherent and rooted in a cynical view of political reality trumping (no pun intended) principles. ” We will hold our noses and get in bed with Bibi because its the only way we have any voice in the government. “

  3. he is probably afraid that many charadi women will vote for her party instead of his….

    I personally would never vote for Porush; I met him and afterwards had to sit in the mikva for hours until I could come out….

  4. What makes one “Chareidi” again? Why dont we let Hashem judge the level of spirituality of the individual. The fact that Ms Y chose Ganz/ Lapid says realms about her . Only an idiot would vote B n W based on her inclusion. As for Ms Y, she is laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. Interesting that Porush designates her as haredi despite the, eh, vote-winning length of her sheitel. What kind of lawyer is she? Divorce?

  6. A large number of people who are halachically hareidi are socially and economically zionists, and if those people do not vote for hareidi parties the strength (and patronage) of the hareidi parties will be systematically reduced.

  7. The “Hareidi” parties should have at the very least 10 MK in the Knesset but do not. That is because the very people they claim to represent reject them. They reject them because they still live in the Israel of the 1950s and the world has moved on. The Torah community has grown from 5% to over 15-20% of the population. It is no longer a marginal minority limited to parts of Yerusaliim and Beney Brack but is spread out over the whole country. Furthermore the primary issue of its concern is no long just protecting the Yeshivas from the GOI but now includes basic financial, housing and educational needs as well. Many of the statements made by the leadership of these parties show not only an indifference to the real needs of their voters but is often seen as disdain for them. They are treated as peasants to be ordered by their owners to do what they are told. Until this changes and an effort is made to respect their potential voters, they will continue to stay home or vote for some other party.

  8. Why did Porush attack this woman? Simple.
    She describes herself as Chareidi, is shomer mitzvos, wears a sheitel, and yet is running on a platform that is recognized as anti-religious, anti-yeshivos, supports chilul shabbos and more. It is important for people to see the incongruity of her candidacy and to make sure no one falls for the deception.

  9. She’s simply another Dov Lipman, a sheep in wool’s clothes. This floozy, like Mr. Lipman, falsely portrays herself as Chareidi in order to ensnare innocent voters. This moll won’t be any more successful than Mr. Lipman. Like Mr. Lipman entered the Kensset on the anti-Charieidi party of Lapid, this courtesan may too enter the Kenesset on the anti-Charieid party of Lapid, but no one will mistake her for anything other than another Lipman.

  10. why do you people think Porush came out against her on his own? He acts as the political mouthpiece for the moetzes gedolei haTorah, so clearly the gedolim have come against her participation

  11. This headline reads like it comes from a secular anti-Frum site. He is concerned because it is a big Chillul Hashem, and because people may fall for the shtick and vote for her party. Where does the article even “prove” that he is “so concerned”? He addresses the issue as one would expect any Israeli politician to do when asked for his opinion.