Winter Returns To Israel, Bringing Still Badly-Needed Rainfall


After approximately a week of spring like weather, with temperatures in Jerusalem being in the 60sF, wintry weather has returned. Winds started picking up on Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning temperatures had already fallen approximately 10 degrees in the capital, accompanied by rain. The rainfall in the capital in most areas of the country is expected to continue throughout the day. Rainfall will be seen in the Northern Golan Heights all way down to the Northern Negev. There are flood warnings for nachals in southern and eastern areas of the country.

Forecast for Friday includes local showers in the northern areas with a slight increase in temperatures. The rain is supposed to resume throughout the country on Shabbos, from the Golan Heights to the N. Negev. The rainfall will be accompanied by isolated thundershowers throughout the day. Once again, flood warnings for eastern and southern areas. Snow is expected on Mt. Hermon.

Sunday’s forecast calls for continuation of rain in the north and center of the country. The rain will begin dissipating towards the afternoon hours, temperatures will increase gradually until Wednesday, erev Purim in most cities in Eretz Yisrael.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)