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New Right’s Chances Of Getting Into Knesset Remain Close To Zero

The Central Election Committee informed Naftali Bennet that the probe of the election has not revealed votes for New Right that were disqualified as he and party co-leader, Minister Ayelet Shaked alleged. For Bennet and Shaked, the bleak notification significantly diminished the chances of earning enough votes in the election probe for New Right to enter the 21st Knesset. This is based on reviewing some 300 polling stations, with Central Election Committee officials explaining that review of additional polling stations is not likely to change the current reality.

Committee officials add that close contact with New Right began on Wednesday, the day after Election Day, including direct contact with committee chairman, Justice Chanan Meltzer. This, in an effort to probe into their allegations.

It is reported Meltzer went above and beyond to allay the party’s fears, including measures to uncover errors in the tabulation of votes. The committee also released statements earlier in which it views the allegations made against it by New Right as “severe” as New Right officials alleged there were problems with the special double envelope and other special votes.

New Right has been operating a war room of sorts since the election towards finding the 1400 or so votes it requires to pass the electoral threshold to enter Knesset. Dozens of party activists have been reviewing the protocol from polling states in the hope of finding error, seeking the additional votes. However, the dream of New Right leaders of entering the 21st Knesset is rapidly vanishing as the voting probe as of yet has failed to uncover the alleged votes tabulation errors.

In a final gesture to Bennet and Shaked, the Central Elections Committee agreed to order a recount of the approximately 270,000 IDF votes, providing the New Right party with one last chance to find the needed votes to cross the electoral threshold. Committee representatives are conducting the recount in the presence of legal counsel representing New Right.

If Bennet’s party gets in, it will add four additional seats to the Knesset right-wing bloc. However, it appears this will not be the case an Justice Meltzer has promised to announced the absolute final results of elections on Wednesday, April 17.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Who need “New” Right. We need Old Right that support Torah and traditional values. Bennet was too friendly with LGBTQX*&@%!

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