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Jerusalem Court Hands Down A Conviction In 1998 Murder Case

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Daniel Nachmani to the maximum sentence for the offenses he committed: life imprisonment plus 16 years in prison and maximum monetary compensation for the family of the deceased.

The sentence was handed down after Nachmani was convicted of the deliberate murder of Noa Eyal. The murder took place 21 years ago (in 1998), when Noa Eyal, 17, and was waiting for the bus on her way to her home to the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. The defendant stopped his car near the station where Noa waited, and after a while she got into his car. During the trip, the defendant decided to deviate from the road, and drove to a path in the Ramot Forest where he attacked her and then brutally murdered her.

Since the discovery of the deceased’s body in 1998, the police have been working tirelessly to decipher the case and arrest those who committed the terrible acts. In 2014, following a significant breakthrough, a match was found between the defendant’s profile and the evidence at the crime scene in 1998.

Jerusalem District Attorney Daniel Whitman: “The court ruled today that Daniel Nachmani, who brutally took the life of a young girl who wanted to return to her home, will remain behind bars for many years. The court accepted the position of the State Prosecutor’s Office, stating that the murder was committed in exceptional circumstances. This is a significant milestone in the persistent struggle of the enforcement authorities, which did not relent until they located the person who committed the criminal act and brought him to trial and execute justice. We support the family of the late Noa Eyal who will continue to bear the pain and sorrow and hope that the severe punishment imposed on the defendant will be a remedy for the family members.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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