NY TIMES IS THE NEW “DER STURMER”? Another Anti-Semitic Cartoon, Day After Phony Apology


Clearly, the NY Times seems to be the new “Der Stürmer”, as they have now published a second anti-Semitic cartoon, just one day after an apology for an earlier anti-Semitic cartoon.

The new cartoon published on Monday shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu descending a mountain with a selfie-stick in one hand and a stone tablet with a Star of David in the other hand in its international edition.

This followed the earlier cartoon which showed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dachshund (dog) wearing a Star of David collar and leading a blind and skullcap-wearing U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Times first tweeted that the image “was offensive, and it was an error in judgment to publish it.” The statement added that the cartoon was provided by The New York Times News Service and Syndicate, which has since deleted it.

But that statement did not contain any apology, and the Times came under increasing criticism from many. They finally issued a statement saying they are “deeply sorry”.

It appears the NY Times was “deeply sorry” for around 24 hours until the next cartoon was published.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Until such time that Jewish pro-Israel businesses stop placing advertisements in that anti-Semitic paper, the NY Times will continue acting in this manner. They have nothing to lose.

  2. Why does Mr. C. Bennett feel the need to constantly see to it that his name gets press time?

    Moderators Response: You should ask him yourself. But your comment reeks from hypocrisy, as you are a coward hiding behind “UJM”, while Mr. bennet proudly uses his name.

  3. I hope that their entire paper falls apart and I hope that their buildings burn and fall down. Their writers should vanish from this earth. The NYTimes garbage pail should be no more. It is time to hack their website and boycott the paper. It is Time New York to fight back!

  4. I stopped buying and subscribing to the NY Times about 20 years ago. I constantly get mailings to reinstate my subscription. I just send back the reply envelope empty so they have to pay the postage

  5. To the Jewish organizations:
    Do as those who collected signatures to boycott advertisers on Fox. Let’s hit them in the wallet- boycott the advertisers. Not buying the rag is but a drop in the bucket.

  6. The original cartoon was less anti-Semitic. The NY Times added to the insult by adding the Jewish star which is a symbol of all Jews, not just one of them.

  7. If the UJA spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year putting full page ads in the NYT, then all yidden should stop sending money to UJA. I don’t care what UJA does for Jewish poverty. Because at the end of the day, anti Semitism kills more Jews than does poverty. Jews stop funding UJA.

  8. Michael Srulie Rosner
    22 hrs ·
    I try very hard to stay away from politics but the pathetic apology of the abhorrent and virulent NY Times “cartoon” (sic), forces me to urge all my friends from the left & right to stand up now United as One to express your outrage and fury at the anti-Semitic NYT. It’s bad enough that it’s anti-Israel, pro-BDS, “Jew-baiting” measles while ignoring a Mumps epidemic, offering dead-end solutions to the Mid-East peace process for over 40 + years from the same deranged editor, that we must say together Enough is Enough! Don’t allow your prodigies & the next generation to ask “What did you do to avoid anti-Semitism in the US?” Take a stand and say enough. Boycott the NYT. #boycottnytimes

  9. To the moderator: before you call someone here a coward for remaining anonymous, think about the fact that you’re just as anonymous.

    Additionally, your comment was completely uncalled for. Get a life.

  10. Michael Rosner, kudos, but boycotting purchase of the rag isn’t enough…Their circulation is dwindling. Alert the advertisers that they ‘ll be subject of the boycott unless they pull their ads… Let’s go all out for the jugular. Dump the Grey Lady in the rat hole for good, once and forever.

  11. When is the last time you saw anyone reading this trash paper. The only time I see the paper is when I walk upper west side and see pet walking their dogs and holding a NY TIMES in their hands to scoop up the poop of the dogs.

  12. What is the meaning of this cartoon? The first anti Semitic one I get what it intended to convey but what is this conveying ? I have no doubts that the nytimes is not a friend of Jews and I’m sure there is antesimetism in this cartoon but can someone explain how is this one anti Semitic ?