Yesh Atid Demands To’eva Civil Union Bill


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lapidWhile the Ministerial Committee headed by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni believed there was a majority for the to’eva Civil Union Bill, the vote has been placed on hold. Livni acted at the behest of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday, 8 Tammuz 5773, when he asked to remove voting on the bill recognizing to’eva couples as married from a vote.

The prime minister explained that a number of parties have requested holding the vote until such time a decision can be reached on the controversial bill. Proponents of the law explain there are hundreds of thousands in Israel who are waiting for the bill to be passed into law so their union can be recognized officially by the state.

Yesh Atid announced earlier in the day that it would only support the bill, authored by The Movement MK Meir Sheetrit, if the bill not only referred to civil unions but to to’eva couple too.

The original bill seeks to make a civil marriage option available in Israel. Religious parties agreed there is a need for such an alternative among the non-Jews, but remain opposed to such an arrangement if a Jew is involved in the union. Yesh Atid however has now entered the picture, and threatened to veto the bill unless it is expanded to include to’eva couples.

The bill was not voted upon by the committee.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “Religious parties agreed there is a need for such an alternative among the non-Jews”

    Which religious parties? Agudah? Shas? Bayit Yehudi? For a Goy its muttar?

  2. they really think they can take on hashem maybe he do like the times of koracg and create a new situation to punish them severely and quickly for there are times to destroy tora jewery

  3. #2, #3, the article is not clearly written and two things are being mixed up here. 100’s of thousands are (maybe) waiting for a legal civil union, not a same-gender union. Lapid is trying to piggyback same-gender civil unions onto this bill, and push it through for the good of those “hundreds of thousands”.