Tel Aviv Earns A Hefty Income From Summonses


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In 2018, the Tel Aviv Municipality took in NIS 177 million from approximately 830,000 parking summonses and NIS 96.5 million from summonses against motorists who drove in public transportation lanes, Walla News reports based on information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, some 66,000 fines were given to citizens for other infractions including smoking in public places, driving electric bicycles on sidewalks and more. This represents an increase of 18,000 fines as compared to 2017.

Tel Aviv’s income from summonses is rising each year. It is known as a city where residents and visitors find it difficult to find parking, and even when they find it, they encounter deceptive laws and inspectors who are aggressive and issue summonses. This is despite the construction of several large parking lots throughout the city.

The year 2018 brought with it 831,994 parking summonses, with the amount of the original fines totaling an estimated NIS 142,592,350, but in fact the municipality put NIS 176,547,242 into its coffers for the same summonses, mainly due to interest rates.

In 2017, the municipality raked in NIS 158,007,457 on parking tickets and in 2016 the sum of NIS 135,525,616. The difference between the amount collected by the municipality over the years and the original amount it collected at the end of each year was created as a result of the actual collection, which includes interest payments and fines for late payment.

The offense receiving the highest number of summonses, 244,705, is for parking in blue and white areas without payment as required. About 10,000 summonses were issued for double parking, and 257,859 for “parking a car in violation of traffic signs that permit parking for certain vehicles and at certain times.”

There were 41,000 summonses for parking on the sidewalk, 37,000 for parking at a bus stop, 4,000 for parking in the middle of the intersection, and about 3,000 for parking in a disabled spot.

In addition, in 2018, 193,170 summonses were issued for driving in public transportation lanes. The original amounts of these summonses totaled an estimated NIS 96,585,000.

In addition to the parking summonses that earned NIS 177 million in the past year, the municipality also earned NIS 29,377,655 million in municipal offenses. Among other things, some 17,000 summonses, which added NIS 2.5 million into municipal coffers, were given for riding electric bicycles on sidewalks or footpaths, as well as for opening a shop or café during prohibited hours. It is reported that 3,666 summonses were issued, amounting to NIS 1,741,350.

A total of 1,610 summonses were issued for non-collection of dog droppings, which earned NIS 1,175,300 for the city. In addition, 3,596 summonses were issued for improper disposal of trash and garbage, which brought in NIS 1,150,720. There were also 963 summonses issued for smoking in public places, earning an additional NIS 963,000 and 649 summonses for not preventing illegal smoking, totaling NIS 3,245,000.

In addition, a total of 275 summonses amounting to NIS 68,750 were issued for operating an electric scooter while listening to music with large headphones and 2,546 summonses for operating the scooter on sidewalks/footpaths, generating another NIS 635,000.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)