Israeli Politicians Make Bold Statements in Preparing Parties For New Elections


Numerous party leaders issued statements on Sunday to position their parties for the upcoming elections. Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz said that the agreement between himself and Yair Lapid regarding the rotation of premiership would still hold true for the coming elections.

In a separate statement, Naftali Bennett put numerous rumors to rest when he declared on Sunday that he would run again as the head of the New Right party and that the party would run once again for the Knesset.

Ayelet Shaked, who ran on a joint ticket with Naftali Bennett in the last election declared that she would take a few days to make a decision as to which party she would like to join in the upcoming elections. Declaring that she wanted to think about what the right path to take would be, Shaked somewhat distanced herself from her previous partner and his declaration of returning with the New Right. In a statement made to the media, Shaked said: “There is no explanation for these new elections save that God decided to intervene.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)