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Every Drop Counts for Mikvah USA’s Online Campaign: VIDEO’S BELOW


Drop by Drop, Mikvah USA makes it happen – but we need your help.

Four Mikvah projects will benefit from this campaign NOW.

Today, YOU can make Taharah a viable option for these communities:

Flagstaff, Arizona

Henderson, Nevada

Mill Basin, New York

Jupiter, Florida

These are cities with active Jewish communities. They all need a mikvah.

Working together, drop by drop, these mikvaos will be built!

Help Yidden across America in their quest for increased taharah!



Thanks to Agnes & Jeffrey Shemia, Brooklyn Square, and Mikvah USA’s Board of Directors and Donors every dollar you donate is TRIPLED! Please click HERE to donate.

Join us and get the zechus of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of families starting to keep taharah.

The Satmar Rebbe ZT”L issued a halachic ruling stating that there is a Torah obligation to establish mikvaos to serve any Jew, particularly if the assistance is being requested.Rav Chaim Kanievsky has related in the name of his uncle, the Chazon Ish, that today, the biggest zechus that one can perform with his money is donating toward the construction of mikvaos taharah. He says that doing so takes precedence over ALL other tzedakos.
Please click HERE to donate.


Mikvah USA stands shoulder to shoulder with communities needing a mikvah by providing generous grants and intensive support throughout the building process.

Few facets of the Jewish faith are surrounded by as many consistent miracles as family purity and mikvah. Mikvah USA works to raise wanting communities across the country to a status of universal Taharah and Kedusha.

Mikvah USA understands that the success and longevity of the Jewish people depend on the building and use of these mikvaos. Our mission will not be complete until every community and individual, across North America has access to the highest level of Taharah.

Please click HERE to donate.


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