Milk Price Hike In Israel Begins Today


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Once again, Israelis are facing a price hike as the cost of dairy products increased on Thursday, June 13, 2019. The approval for the price hike was signed by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon two weeks ago.

Tnuva has already updated its marketing chains regarding the price increase that took effect Thursday, as did Strauss dairy on Wednesday.

This is an increase of 3.5% on dairy products under government price control. For example, Tnuva’s milk in liter bags will increase by 17 agorot. On the face of it, this is a minor increase, but in the simple calculation that a large family consumes two liters of milk daily, it is more than NIS 10 a month, only for milk. For avreichim and many others, this is quite significant.

Like milk, the price of the remainder of regulated products will increase as well. Milk in cartons rose by 20 agorot. Eshel, Gil, and butter increased between 10 and 20 agorot, and apparently dairy products that are not under government supervision will increase by a larger percentage.

In a broader perspective, this is an expense that will be felt by the Israeli consumer that the basket of dairy products is a component of about 20%. In addition to this, the Israeli consumer has recently experienced an increase in fruit and vegetables, as well as the large bakeries, which petitioned the High Court of Justice last month to allow them to raise the price of bread under government price control.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)