PROTEST: Israel’s Major Industries To Protest, Demanding Gov’t Payment For Election Day Vacation


On Monday morning, there will be a demonstration of the largest employers in Israel.

The Manufacturers & Industry Association, which represents the entire small industry in the State of Israel, will march with hundreds of demonstrators to the Ministry of Finance in Jerusalem at 11:00AM on Monday morning to demand the cancellation of the third day off on September 17, 2019, Election Day, which they insist will be a “death blow to the factories”.

The association’s leaders refer the day off for Municipal Election Day, followed by Knesset Election Day on April 9th, and now again in September.

The statement explains for many factories, “The danger of closure hands over their heads and services will not be provided, taxes will be paid, and goods will be stopped on the assembly line”.

In an interview with Yossi Alkobi, president of the Association, and attorney Ravit Gross of the Association’s leadership, leaders of the demonstration, they insist their voices must be heard as the employers cannot absorb the cost of a third vacation day for yet another election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)