UPDATE: Police Release Footage Showing Elderly Chareidi Man Blocking Street Before His Prosthetic Leg Falls Off During Violent Hafganah


As YWN has been reporting, there has been Hafganos in Kikar Shabbos and the Bar Ilan intersection in Yerushalahim on Monday afternoon and evening. Simultaneous with the evening protest in Yerushalayim, there was a Hafganah held in Beit Shemesh.

Eyewitnesses report that an elderly Chareidi man with a prosthetic leg was walking past the protest on the sidewalk when Police began pushing and shoving the crowd. Protesters began warning police that the man was crippled and had a fake leg and was being dangerously shoved. According to multiple eye-witnesses as well as lots of video documentation, police seemed to ignore all warnings, and began pushing the man, shoving him to the floor. He was then violently dragged by police officers, causing his prosthetic leg to fully detach.

Israel Police told Bichadrei Chareidim that “a preliminary investigation shows that the victims is not innocent man who happened to pass by, but belonged to the protest. As soon as police saw that he was disabled, they rushed to his aid”.

UPDATE 6:30PM ET: Police have released footage showing the man sitting in the middle of the street with other protesters, deliberately blocking traffic. In the footage below, you will see police warning the protesters to go out of the street before they will be arrested.

This is similar to the recent brutal beating of an autistic Chareidi teen in Yerushalayim on Lag Baomer, who police said pushed an off-duty policewoman. Despite video footage showing otherwise, and despite multiple cries and pleading from bystanders that the boy was autistic, police chose to violently arrest him, smashing his face into the concrete pavement causing him facial trauma. That incident is still under investigation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  2. “A preliminary investigation shows that the victims is not innocent man who happened to pass by, but belonged to the protest. As soon as police saw that he was disabled, they rushed to his aid”.

  3. Who is the maniac screaming from beginning to end of the video starting with whay whay whay whay whay , etc ?
    Seems like a pretty peaceful ehrliche protest ; can’t understand why the police don’t just allow lawlessness to reign and head back to the precinct smh ; it’s not like cars need to drive down streets unharassed . How dare civilized people not put up with these kinds of peaceful demonstrations. And the videos definitely prove what the author of this article states – definitely . Also the video from last incident referenced . Great reporting.
    Pulitzer material .

  4. I wish YWN could post a video from the beginning of the story, (As by the story with the autistic child) not that it makes a difference on the police brutality part, but to clarify if the guy is “completely” innocent.

  5. How did an “innocent” old man just “happen” to stumble into the midsts of a violent insurection by radical extremists?
    Total coincedence. No neferious motives at all.
    The truely evil insurgents treated this man like a prostitute, gladly using him for their own propoganda.

  6. If he deliberately put himself in that situation (which he did, don’t try telling me he had no clue where he was, unless he suffers from dementia, in which case where was his caregiver to keep him away??) he was asking for trouble.

    I do think that if the police realized his condition they should have carried him out of that balagan. But could they hear anything over that craziness?

    As for insulting the police as Nazis…. give it up already, it’s so tired. We all know you will call the cops if you have a fender bender or if you’re robbed or if your neighbors are partying at midnight. Stop with the hypocrisy. If you hate Zionism so much… LEAVE. Nobody is forcing you to stay. Ethiopia is looking for a new regime.

  7. RRR, next time you are in Israel, don’t forget to visit your friends in Gaza. if a man with a prosthetic leg sits in the middle of the street, i would confiscate his prosthetic

  8. How can you keep this article up after the Update at 6:30 ET?

    The footage clearly goes against “eyewitness reports”.

    I feel like crying. How can you keep such a hateful article up?

    The whole article is shown to be false information by the police footage. And you don’t even say anything.

    You added the video along with a two sentence update that doesn’t even mention that the police didn’t rip off his leg.

    The video shows one policeman trying to pull the old man off to the side as he is sitting on the street. The police are trying to clear the space around the old man by removing the other protesters who are seen jumping back on to the old man. The police tried to remove a protester holding onto the old man when the protester lunged forward again and was crouching over the fake leg. When the police pulled him off again, he didn’t let go of the leg and it fell off.

    How can you keep such a hateful article up after finding out the facts?

  9. “Footage” of his leg…. I am sure no pun was intended. But seriously folks, these anti Zionist should be deported together with all the other enemies of Israel and the Jewish people.

  10. The elderly man knew what he was getting himself into when he blocked the street. It outrageous how these animals pretend to be religious, pious people when all they really are are rabble-rousers. Enough with the blasphemous madness. Lock these villains up and throw away the key. An even better idea would be to force them to actually learn some Torah like a true Torah Jew.

  11. I think the police need better training in crowd control. I can’t imagine such near-daily protests taking place in NYC by any group, for any cause. In addition in a democratic country, you’re allowed to protest, but there are rules 1) get a permit. 2) follow police orders. I would think if these 2 rules aren’t adhered to there should be severe consequences.

  12. Jeff Stuart for some reason the word “deported” reminds me of trauma. Is that what you wish for your Jewish brothers? You’re cursing your Jewish brothers?

  13. Even if he blocked the street before the incident it doesn’t justify this barbaric act!! Just a few months ago many disabled Israelis went out to protest for better benefits and care and they blocked main highways near the airport (seems like that’s the language in Israel), they were sitting in wheel-chairs and the Israeli police didn’t dear to move them. But now when it came to Charaidy Yid the pulled his leg off! SHAME ON THE ISRAELI POLICE!!!!