Modi’in Now Offering A Bus To The Beach On Shabbos R”L


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Yet another city in Israel is sponsoring Chilul Shabbos R”L, as Modi’in is now offering bus service to the beach on Shabbos. It is not the first city to do so, as it joins Tel Aviv City Hall, which has recently announced it will be offering a Shabbos tourist bus in the city, Ramat Gan which is planning public bus service on Shabbos, Kfar Sava which is running a Shabbos bus to the beach, and Petach Tikvah announced it is operating its newly-renovate indoor pool on Shabbos.

Ironically, as the chareidi parties become stronger, the public Chilul Shabbos continues to spread around Israel, as it appears the secular community is no longer willing to abide by the long-standing religious status quo, especially expressing its desire to have the ability to reach the beach and shopping centers on Shabbos, hence their growing desire for a minimum of a limited bus service on the holy day.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Let us start a letter writing campaign to the mayor. Maybe he will rethink his position.
    Remember. Be nice. Maybe include some stickers to show some love to him also.
    The non religious are not doing it to be bad. They just don’t understand.

    Hopefully no vilda chayos will make a chillul hashem by protesting in any way.
    That would be bad.

  2. TDont worry let the seculars enjoy their last few years as a minority before, as all statistics and projections, indicate , the religious become a majority

  3. If you want to know why this is becoming acceptable, look at the reporting on violent and unruly hafganos, police being spat upon and attacked in Meah Shearim, and the assaults on chareidi soldiers by “frum” people.

    Secular people will respect the Torah only insofar as the people who observe the Torah show themselves to be respectable (check the story of Shimon ben Shetach for an example). The sort of behavior we have been witnessing lately is guaranteed to make preserving the “status quo” harder and harder. Every street battle, every minister indicted, makes it that much more difficult to defend the halachos of “ben adam l’Makom.” Yes, we need to fight against giyus habanos and hilllul Shabbos, but we have to do it in a way that respects the values we are trying to preserve.