Chareidi Male Moderately Injured In A Fall From A Cliff


A 35-year-old chareidi man fell from a cliff near the Netanya beach on Tuesday morning. A United Hatzalah ATV responded to the call, treated the victim and he was transported him to a hospital, reportedly in moderate condition.

United Hatzalah EMT Mendy Ushki explains “Together with a United Hatzalah MTV, we arrived at the scene and treated the victim who fell from a cliff. We then transferred him to a paramedic ambulance to be transported to a hospital. He was suffering from injuries to his lower extremities”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Ok, nobody do the “Why-you-always-mention-if-an-accident-victim-is-Chareidi-what-difference-does-it-make” remark. If we ALL make a pact not to react, maybe they’ll stop. I have figured it out. They do it to egg us on. Anyone with an ounce of sechel knows this is gurnisht mit gurnisht info. Ignore these clever writers who leave no traceable bylines, mwahahaha!
    The real journalistic question should be, how and why. How did this charedi fellow climb the barriers and get onto the cliffs, and why. Might turn into quite the story.
    Thank you and goodnight.