Chilul Hashem As Protesters Ignite Garbage Bins & Steal Equipment From Firemen In Jerusalem [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


The hafganos in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh continued on Tuesday, the result of two chareidi sisters being arrested by military police. The protesters lit garbage bins on fire and when the fire department arrived, they blocked fire trucks and then stole equipment from the truck.

Even after the release of one of the sisters on Tuesday, the hafganos continued on Tuesday night, late into the night, as one of the girls remained in IDF lockup.

Some 60 extremists took part in a protest in the Kikar Shabbos area, a protest that turned violent as the garbage bins began burning. The protesters then began hurling objects at firemen, as well as sitting down to block the fire department’s response.

The delinquents then stole equipment from a fire truck, some of which was found a short time later and returned.

The girls were originally arrested by police while collecting money at the Kosel for their father’s medical bills. They did not carry identity cards with them and refused to identify themselves for fear of being arrested by military police. When police finally found their mother, she arrived at the police station and identified them on condition Israel Police would not report them to military police, which they did, nevertheless.

A short time after they were initially released and returned to their Ramot, Jerusalem home, they were re-arrested by military police. One has since been released and the second remains in custody.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These perpetrators deserve long prison sentences. It is not about the reason for their protest. Even if I agreed with them, this behavior is incompatible with Torah Yidden. Damaging firefighters equipment so that they cannot fight a legitimate fire ch”v is the epitome of disgust. I wish them the opportunity to do teshuvah during many years of incarceration.

  2. Hello

    I just want to clarify with everyone the meaning of CHILUL HASHEM, its so easy to say it, and when you look at the Rambam, you will see that it is completely different meaning

    The idea of a CHILLI HASHEM is, that a Jewish person is saying or showing for jews or non-jews, that he does not respect hakadosh Baruch hu, or he shows that he does do not cares about Torah and mitzves

    So when a jew is saying!! I believe, and my religion is aginst vexers. or anything that is not in conflict with our believe in hakadosh Baruch hu, it is not a CHILUL HASHEM

  3. Here we go again!
    The Chillul Hashem is that YWN publishes a story that we should not know. Firstly, it’s a one-sided report: YWN’s version of whatever happened.
    Secondly, why must everybody know this story! What Kiddush Hashem was performed! It is shameful!

  4. Do these Rioters think that Aveiros, Halacha, Middos, Don’t Apply to them?! Well, destroying property, Stealing, Blocking Buses full of People, Acting Wild in Streets, are all Serious Aveiros.

    Also, the Rabbis Have Impoverished Hundreds of Families because they don’t want The men or Bochrim to Get Education or Work, but they think its OK for Impoverished Parents to send Girls out to Beg for Money in Streets?! The Rabbis think it’s OK to Keep Thousands Men with Kids Unemployed and Poor, to “ Learn” , for Years, but to Send Guys our to Riot in Streets like Animals, even though that is Against Torah?

  5. Once Again, The Little I Know knows little.
    Live and let live.
    Let peace reign upon this world.
    Let us be kind and accepting.
    Let us see the Geula Bikarov!!!

  6. Why do the fire department even bother turning out. Let the garbage bins burn. Why do the police turn out? Let the inhabitants pay the price of their neighbors selfishness. The authorities should have plans in place to divert the traffic, including public transport, so that the inconvenience if minimised and let the monkeys get on with their games.

  7. @leahleh
    Please explain your post. First you denigrate the protesters because they don’t keep halacha which means not listening to the rabbis and then you denigrate the rabbis that decide the halacha because you disagree with what they say and you “pasken” differently? Doesn’t that put in the same group as the protesters?

  8. a minyan for mincha at a ballgame is a chillul hashem howcomwe ywn never reports on those chillul hashems if they are so concerened for chillul hashem? the answer is they are most concerned about bashing right wing chareidim.

  9. taking out a smartphone in shul and scrolling is a massive chillul hashem if ywn reports equally on that as they do on hafganos at kikar shabbos id be a happy camper

  10. leahleh try to think before posting because you make no sense

    All of the world knows there’s nothing more amazing than sitting and learning and if your husband cant well tough

  11. The reason I put “ Learning” in Quotes, is when a Person is really devoting himself to a Kollel Learning life, (which up until the 1980’s was Only 10-20% of a Boys Class, now it’s 100% which never was in history Before, since the Torah clearly states men must Earn a living, and support the Genius Devoted Brilliant Gentle Scholars who are Learning full time). When a Frum Man is Truly LEARNING, he is ONLY SEEN IN STREETS Walking to and from the BAIS MEDRASH And SHUL. He files his exemption and Immerses himself in Torah Study Day and Night, his Actions and Middos Are EXEMPLARY, HIS MIDDOS ARE STERLING, SUPERIOR in Every Way which is a True Chassid- Careful to always Reflect the Torah Values he is Studying, Gentle, Kind, Learned, always Knowing he is representing Torah in his demeanor. A TRUE LEARNER Would And NEVER IN OUR HISTORY be SCREAMING in Streets (Aveirah) RIOTING IN STREETS in Derech Goyim, or WASTING TIME away from Torah Study. NEVER! GO VISIT THE SICK IN HOSPITALS Instead at least! I am in Israel I SEE WITH MY OWN EYES, HUNDREDS of Bochrim, Kids and Men WANDERING THE STREETS At all times of day and Night- if you aren’t a True Learner, Go To Work, Volunteer, CONTRIBUTE TO making someone else’s Life BETTER.

  12. @leahleh
    You did not explain your previous post at all.
    Earlier you complained about people not listening to rabanim and then you argue on rabanim yourself.

    Your second post is just a rant. If you have a question about the yeshiva system and (allegedly listen to rabanim based on how you are complaining about others not listening) why don’t you discuss it with your rav instead of just bashing people on YWN.