WATCH: Pence Blasts AOC’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Remarks To Pro-Israel Group


Vice President Mike Pence blasted remarks made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., when she declared that the U.S. was running “concentration camps” along the Mexico border.

Speaking at the Christians United For Israel summit on Monday, Pence slammed Democrats who he said “cheapened” the memory of Holocaust victims by comparing their conditions to those of illegal immigrants at detention centers, although he never referred to Ocasio-Cortez by name.

“We must never allow the memory of those lost in the Holocaust to be cheapened as a cliché to advance some left-wing political narrative,” Pence said. “Sadly, in recent weeks, that’s exactly what some Democrats have done in the national debate. Last month, a leading Democrat in Congress actually compared our U.S. Customs and Border Protection detection facilities to concentration camps.”

He continued. “To compare the humane work of dedicated men and women of Customs and Border Protection with the horrors of the Holocaust is an outrage. The Nazis took lives, American law enforcement save lives every day. This slander of law enforcement was an insult to the 6 million killed in the Holocaust.”

Ocasio-Cortez launched a national debate over using the term “concentration camps” to describe the detention centers. Many Republicans and some Democrats condemned her remarks, but she found many defenders within her party and among progressives, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.

Several Holocaust museums including the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Auschwitz Memorial and Yad Vashem have denounced the use of such terminology.

(Source: Fox News)


  1. Its very easy and convenient to blast your oppinents remarks. Lets seem him blast Trumps “very fine people on both sides” or Steve Kings “white supremacy” remarks.

  2. crazykanoiy, we are waiting on you to do the same. Start with FDR’s idling during the Holocaust (and his containment camps for the Japanese) , to Jimmy Carter’s “Israel/ Palestine Apartheid” book, to AOC, Omar, and Rashida Harbi Tlaib views on Israel, Jews, and the Holocaust. While you are at it, add in Obama’s relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and how the former president didn’t dismiss the hateful comments.

  3. crazykanoiy, you are the living prove that when the a big lie repeated often enough people will eventually believe it. You probably did not get new talking points from DNC that Charlottesville hoax attributed to Trump was debunked long time ago.

  4. There WERE very fine people on both sides of the Charlottesville riot, and Trump was absolutely right to say so. Those who deny it are filthy filthy liars who should be made to explain themselves. The same applies to anyone who knowingly and deliberately conflates the “Unite the Right” rally with the antisemitic march the previous day, which was attended by a few dozen neonazis, and which Trump never said one good word about. It also applies to anyone who claims Heather Heyer was killed at the rally.

    As for Steve King, he made *one remark* that could be understood as endorsing white supremacy, and he was *immediately* dropped from all his positions in the GOP, despite his reasonable explanation. Neither Trump nor any other Republican stood by him, which is actually rather shameful. He has never in his life said *anything* that could even remotely be interpreted as antisemitic, so anyone who calls him an antisemite is also a filthy liar, and a rosho. What he has said about Moslems is correct, and there is nothing wrong with saying it.

  5. Trump tolerates racism from his supporters and only calls out racism on the other side. He is a fraud and con man and as the comments above show he does a really good job conning a whole lot of people. People like MIG are even conned into believing that Trumps sickening comments in Charlottesville was just a hoax. Here are just a few Trump examples:

    Took days to distance himself from Duke endorsement.

    Refused to call out antisemitism directed at Julia Ioffe.

    Refused to call out Steve King.

    Ran an ad featuring “gloabslsts” all of whom were Jewish.

    Ran an ad with Hillary with wads of cash and Magen Dovid

    Said people marching with neo nazi’s were very fine people – which led Gary Cohn to contemplate resigning from Trumps cabinet and disgusted any sane person including many Republicans.

    Made racist remarks about Jewish money to RJC.

    Said he likes short people in yarmulkas counting his money.

    Yes FDR did things that were wrong, so did Carter, Obama, Rashida and AOC but so has Trump.

    Mike Pence is using antisemitism as a political tool instead of calling it out as a real issue wherever it rears its ugly head.

  6. crazykanoiy, you should sue CNN, MSNBC and other Fake News for destroying your sanity. You really need professional help. Your rants become more an more hysterical and incomprehensible.