WATCH THIS: Israeli Bus Driver Decides To ‘Punish’ An Ethiopian Youth For Last Weeks Protests


A driver transporting children decided he wanted to punish an Ethiopian child, and compelled him to remain on the bus with him for two hours in revenge for the recent Ethiopian community protests last week.

The driver uploaded the video of his conversation with the child to Instagram, and one hears the child questioning “two hours?”

According to the Channel12 News report, the child got on the bus after his afternoon activity, and he was surprised when the driver told him that he will not release him from the vehicle for two hours because ‘his people’ created such major traffic jams last week.

He explained “I was delayed two hours in traffic and now, I will show you what this means. Do you hear? Now, I will show you. For two hours, you will be stuck with me, until Netanya…I will show you what Ethiopians are. This is what your people did. Your mother will look for you now for two hours. Don’t worry. I’ll show you!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This driver should be fired immediately, and charged with child abuse. He should also have a mental health exam. What on earth connection can there be between a small child and grown demonstraters in another city? Hurting a child is acceptable as revenge for a traffic delay?

    This isn’t simple racism, it’s low-key insanity and a warning to us all to watch how we speak and think. He wouldn’t have done this cowardly act if he hadn’t thought he could get away with it, considering the tone of some of the reactions.

  2. And to publicize this proudly? I am no legal expert but it sounds like he should be facing kidnapping charges. Put him away! And his pension needs to go to the years of trauma therapy most likely in store for the child.
    Literally words of the Ramba”n:
    כל הכועס כל מיני גיהינום שולטים בו