EPIC FAIL: Ehud Barak’s Credit Card Embarrassment [WATCH THE VIDEO]


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His latest campaign move has brought Ehud Barak a bit of anguish and a great deal of embarrassment.

Barak, and members of his Democratic Israel party went out for falafel at a well-known establishment in Tel Aviv. Barak was videoed taking a poke at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, explaining when one goes out to eat, one has to use one’s private credit card, which he alleges the prime minister does not have, intimating the state pays all his bills, event for private dining or he simply does not pay, referring to Case 1000 involving the Prime Minister’s Residence ordering high-end meals instead of making do with the meals supplied by the in-house chef.

He explains “This is a wallet. This is what it looks like and here is a credit card” but he did not realize he revealed sufficient credit card information that the video went viral in a very short time.

Barak announced he and his party officials pay for food and do not expect to dine without having to pay for a meal.

Maariv reports that Barak has been compelled to cancel the credit card in question.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The YWN headline led me to believe that Barak’s card was rejected. But the article does not report that the card was rejected or was otherwise invalid. So my question is, was this bad headline writing, or deliverately misleading headline writing?

  2. Bibi doesn’t have to do any electioneering. He just has to sit back and wait for his opponents to make a fool of themselves…

    But really, he had it coming to him. And this whole election is so devoid of substance. It’s all about attacking the others personality. It’s really gotten so low.

    So this Barak guy is back on the scene now. He wants to score some cheap points by making fun of Bibi. And now the joke’s on him.

    Good. Serves him right!

  3. Trump likes to give names to his election opponents.

    If Ehud Barak was his opponent he’d probably give him a name like “Shmerel”.

  4. Curiosity -the binoculars was with Amir Peretz!

    Any12345- No loshon horah about a non-shomer Torah umitzvos Jew! Lo selech rochil be’amecha- be’osey maaseh amchah