TRAGEDY: Chareidi Man Drowns While Using Deep Well As Mikvah Near Modi’in Illit


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After some eight hours of working, police, rescue officials and ZAKA succeeded in extricating the body of a chareidi man from a narrow well near Modi’in Illit near the Green Park neighborhood in the chareidi city.

Authorities say that some children were playing in the area, and saw a man climb into the well to toivel. They never saw him emerge, and later saw his clothing near the well. The children immediately summoned emergency authorities, and shortly after their arrival, it was determined that it was no longer a rescue mission but one of recovery.

Chaim Autmazgan, the commander of the ZAKA unit explained “during the eight-hour period, ZAKA volunteers worked together with the ZAKA divers, assisted by firefighters and police at the scene to extricate the body from the well”.

Autmazgan reported the recovery of the body was a complicated operation due to the size of the well and other factors. Eventually, it was MDA paramedic Felix Loton who got the body out, with ZAKA diving experts directing his movements.

The man has been identified as Yisroel Meir Chasparski, a 24-year-old Bochur, and resident of Modiin Illit. The Levaya will leave his home on Rebbi Akiva STreet at 5:30PM, and the Kevuyra will be at the Yarkon Bais Hakvaros.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Media Resource Group)


  1. Just for the record-
    Felix Lotan, MDA paramedic, is a military rescue diver.
    Dont make it sound like he needed guidence from divers.

  2. Again the Yeshiva World News posts an article making chareidim look bad. It seems to me they never miss an oportunity to point the finger at chareidim when something is wrong.

  3. This was an act of stupidity. Wasn’t it only last year that two men , instead of using an actual mikvah , drowned in Florida because they went into the Atlantic at night from an unguarded beach? Common sense is unfortunately not that common.

  4. look what’s happened so far during the drei vochen. Start being more careful! Drive safely, don’t take risks… all I’ve read on YWN tonight is tsur after tsur. But this tragedy is unfathomable.