AND AGAIN: Two Chareidi Girls Caught Smuggling Drugs Into England Extradited Back to Israel


Two Israeli women were detained in England after they were caught smuggling a large quantity of illegal substances from Israel into London. They were detained by police for five days before they were extradited back to Israel.

The women were stopped by border control guards at London’s Stansted Airport last Thursday. The local Jewish Paper, The Jewish News, reported that they were being extradited back to Israel on Wednesday.

Askanim in the the Charedi community of Stamford Hill worked with the authorities to have the women released and sent back to Israel. “The women were very lucky that the case did not make it to court,” said one of the local Askanim. We need to warn others to think twice before they ever think of trying something similar.

Police are still investigating the circumstances behind the story including why the drugs were not found when they left Ben Gurion Airport and who paid them to smuggle the drugs into England. It is believed that the women had been promised a luxury London stay by a man in Israel if they delivered a package containing Class B drugs, understood to be khat.

The Askanim said that the girls, aged 20 and 22, were incredibly naive. When they were asked whether or not they were taking a suitcase that didn’t belong to them they responded that they were not. The bag was checked after the women came under suspicion in England.

British authorities offered for them to fly back to Israel on Friday, but the girls refused fearing that they would land close to or on Shabbos. Following that, the girls were officially expelled on Monday back to Israel.

YWN has previously reported about the arrest of dozens of young Chareidi men and women for smuggling drugs into the UK.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Fake News……Look at the photo header of the article: The anti-semitim in the UK arrested poor innocent yiddeshe maidlach for bringing special hadassim from EY to the yidden of London for Succos.

  2. Although these girls are incredibly lucky with just being sent back, this sends a message to the handlers that it’s not much of a risk sending naiive youngsters as drug mules and they will surely try it again.
    Its also a shame that they couldn’t ensnare the reciever in England – they are just as guilty as the sender.
    Ultimately these drugs are getting to kids in our local parks and blighting their lives.
    Its a Miztzva for anyone with information about drug dealing in our community to report it without delay.

  3. Kshomron-
    I was mamish nespoel on the same hearra…i know that hashem is kvelling in shomayim over how much nachas these chareidi girls give him just before tisha beAv

  4. why the drugs were not found when they left Ben Gurion Airport

    That’s an easy one — qat is legal in Israel, so even if the Israeli security had found it why would they care? It’s not their job to enforce other countries’ peculiar laws, any more than other countries enforce Israeli’s peculiar laws.

    Ultimately these drugs are getting to kids in our local parks and blighting their lives.

    I guarantee you, no Jewish kid in the UK is chewing qat.

  5. KShomron, just in case you are sincere in your comment & not sarcastic…. frum is as frum does. They weren’t naive – they wanted whatever bribe they were offered. I wish they HAD been locked up, maybe future greedy and stupid people will get the message.

    The boy can only cry wolf so many times before the villagers stop believing him.

  6. What makes them chareidi? A long skirt and sleeves? If these were truly dangerous drugs, they are potential murderers, rodfim d’oraisa!

  7. Milhouse. Does keeping your head in the sand make your eyes itchy? I suppose you can also guarantee me that there are no frum pedophlies, ganavim, internet addicts, or drug addicts. Please post the extensive studies you have done to back up your claims that frum people can do no wrong. I guess the only thing you do Teshuva for is when the retzuah of your teffilin turns the wrong way. I envy you.

  8. They were worried about Shabbos? You’ve got to be kidding me. They were in no way to negotiate. Such arrogance. Should have locked them up for few years.

  9. Extradition is the wrong term to use here.m They could only be extradited if the Israeli legal authorities were accusing them of a crime in Israel and made a formal legal request to the UK to send them to Israel. Those procedures take months and are anyway not relevant here. They were deported / refused entry into the United Kingdom. Usually, that also means that they will be denied entry into any EU state for the next ten years. The same way as “extradition” is the wrong word to use, so is “naive”. They were greedy and knew exactly what they were doing, otherwise they would not have lied to the Israeli security authorities about the ownership of the bag.

  10. They are not rodfim. khat is not dangerous to that degree. It is a stimulant, like coffee.

    Shame on you for just jumping to them being rodfim.

  11. ACY, what the **** are you talking about? How did you look at my comment and read “frum people can do no wrong”? But if you think any Jewish kid in the UK is chewing qat, you must be on something much stronger.

  12. They sell Khat to immigrants from Somalia, and its very possible selling it wasn’t the only thing they did with them Hashem Yerachem..