MDA Medicycle Matching His Dad’s


Gabriel Etedgi from Migdal HaEmek, is just 7 years old, and already dreaming of being a paramedic on an MDA medicycle, like his father. In honor of summer vacation, MDA paramedic Maor Etedgi decided to fulfill his son’s dream, and took several weeks to renovate Gabriel’s toy motorcycle, until it looked like a small model of the MDA medicycle.

“I’ve been volunteering at MDA for 20 years, and around Gabriel’s birth, I started riding the MDA medicycle, which helps me arrive faster, and save lives”, said MDA Maor, adding “shortly after Gabriel learned to speak, he began to express his interest in my job and in the medicycle. I was happy to fulfill his dream and give him a special gift for summer vacation. And maybe one day, he will also volunteer at MDA”.

“I was very happy to get the medicycle and surprised at how similar it was to the MDA medicycle my dad rides”, said 7-year-old Gabriel. I can’t wait to be big enough to ride a real medicycle like my Dad’s and take care of people who need help”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)