Amazon Officially Begins Operating In Israel On Wednesday


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It’s now official: Amazon on Wednesday has begun operating in Israel, using its Hebrew website called Amazon Services to get its message out, seeking to encourage companies to register and begin selling via the new Israeli service, promising fast and efficient delivery of products. Amazon Services also offers to store products towards maintaining stock in Israel, enabling international delivery via the Israeli Amazon as well.

Amazon explains that by registering to sell via its website, one may reach over 300 million active customers worldwide, benefiting from Amazon’s sales tools and promising items will be delivered via its fulfillment center.

Amazon promises to begin with the most basic items, including smartphones, PCs, electronics, baby products, cosmetics, clothing and more.

Amazon is expected to soon launch a major advertisement campaign, in the coming weeks. In phase one, the site will not offer Hebrew support, beginning with accessing the products via the USA website. The site according to Amazon, will give preference to sellers in Israel. Delivery time will be significantly curtailed compared to today’s delivery realities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)