WATCH: Official Government Ministry Video Opposes the Minhag of Kaporos Using Chickens


In this animated video dealing with opposition to the annual minhag of kaporos, the Hebrew-speaking chickens call on Am Yisrael to give tzedaka to fulfil the minhag and not the shechita of chickens.

What may alarm some is that the video is not the work of anti-religious elements or animal rights activists, but Israel’s very own Ministry of Agriculture and Poultry Council.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the chickens expressed their concerns in Yiddish rather than Ivrit, would there have been less “alrarm”. What they are saying is correct. you can be yotzeh the mitzvah using coins and giving them to tzadaakah rather than dealing with the issues of tzar baalei Chayim and the public health mess left over afterwards.