Kfar Chabad Rosh Yeshiva: Voting for Party that Will Not Pass the Minimum Threshold, Like Voting for ‘Sitra Achra’


HaGaon HaRav Eliyahu Landau Shlita, a Rosh Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad’s Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva, hinted to his talmidim that since Chabad does not involve itself in politics, the rabbonim are not recommending voting for a specific party. However, the rav, a son of the late Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak, HaGaon HaRav Yehuda Leib Landau ZT”L, explained “We are in an unprecedented religious war and there are unprecedented efforts taking place in Israel to increase hate for Yiddishkeit.

According to a COL report, the rav pointed out, “The Rebbe instructed us to vote for the most chareidi party. How can one vote for a party headed by a woman who openly admits to not being religious? One must vote for the most chareidi party!”

Clearly, the rav instructs his talmidim not to vote for the Yemina party because it is headed by Ayelet Shaked, who is not Shomer Shabbos.

The rav continued, adding, “One who votes for a party that may or may not pass the minimum electoral threshold (Otzma Yehudit) – is in fact casting a ballot for the Sitra Achra and the haters of religion”.

Rav Landau continued to direct his talmidim without mentioning parties by name. “If Porush and Litzman invite you for a Shabbos meal as well as the head of the Yemina party, whose home will you go to?”

As reported by Chareidim10 News, the Beis Din Rabbanei Chabad in Eretz HaKodesh, the official highest halachic body in Chabad in Eretz Yisrael, over the weekend released a letter stating one may not vote for a party which may not pass the minimum electoral threshold to avoid wasting votes.

The rabbonim are aware many Chabad Chassidim are planning to vote for the Otzma Yehudit party due to its religious and right-wing orientation, but here, Rav Landau and the beis din are instructing chassidim not to vote for the party.

It is added that in the last three election polls before elections, Otzma Yehudit passed the minimum electoral threshold, thereby entering Knesset with four seats, but this does not seem to have changed the opinion of the Chabad Beis Din.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As a Lubavitcher myself, I really don’t know how to vote: voting for a Chareidi party is off the table for me. I want to vote for a party that will keep the Likud to the right. My first choice is Otzmah Yehudit, but I’m worried about the threshold issue. I don’t think Bennet is fabulous, but I do like Shaked. As a “Yamina” party, I’m less than inspired. In the past few elections, due to this type of uncertainty, I’ve just voted Likud.

    I think my vote will end up either with Otzmah or Likud…

  2. Sheked may not be religious per se, but she does head the party and is a good thinking person, but the PARTY is religious, so it WILL press religious issues.

  3. Chaimtovim, you need to vote for those who uphold yiddishkeit! Why don’t you take notice of what your Rav says. Is Chabad a do-as-you-like chasidus?

  4. @ChaimTovim
    You write “As a Lubavitcher myself, I really don’t know how to vote: voting for a Chareidi party is off the table for me.”
    Are you intentionally ignoring the Rebbe’s directive to vote for ‘the most Chareidi party?
    Or are you just pretending to be a Lubavitcher…

  5. having been invited to the homes of secular Israelis in Israel, in every instance they were careful to bring in a kosher caterer of high trust. i am sure ayelet shaked would do the same.

  6. ChaimTovim; Chillul Shabbos is irrelevant to you?!
    Drafting Yeshiva Bochrim is irrelevant to you?!
    Funding Mosdos Hatorah and Kollel Families is irrelevant to you?!
    Civil Marriages is irrelevant to you?!
    etc. etc.
    Only right wing policies matter?! And you consider yourself the guardian of Yiddishkeit!
    Gedolim have said last time: anyone voting for a non-religious party cannot expect frum children!

  7. ChaimTovim – Does the Rebbe’s words mean nothing to you? If not, then don’t say your a Lubavitcher. Say your from a “Lubavitch Family” or “My Minhagim are Lubavitch Minhagim”, but don’t call yourself a Lubavitcher.

  8. “to vote for the most chareidi party”:

    (1) “party” does not consider who is the head of the party – that does not matter, even if the head is secular.

    (2) “charedi party” means a party, not the individual in their private life, that follow the directives of halacha.

    (3) definition of “charedi party” in this context, is a party that upholds political decisions that are consistent with halacha.

    Land for peace is NOT consistent with halacha!

    Whose house is more mehudar in kashrut is irrelevant when deciding on a party that strengthens the viewpoint of halacha. That is a strawman argument using a red herring.

  9. I don’t see how Likud can be considered a Chareidi party. So despite my concerns that they may not make the threshold, I will again vote Otzma. At least they are all religious and i agree with their views on security .

  10. DavidtheKanoi, chilul shabbos is actually irrelevant when dealing with pikuach nefesh (land for peace), For pikuach nefesh to prevent bloodshed of Jewish lives, we pull a Kallah out from her chuppah, kal v’chomer, bochurim from yeshiva. And funding for yeshivos, that money cannot be soiled with Jewish blood by giving land to terrorists.

  11. The funny joke is when he asks: “If Porush and Litzman invite you for a Shabbos meal as well as the head of the Yemina party, whose home will you go to?” The truth is that HaRav Eliyahu Landau Shlita would NOT eat in ANY of their homes! The Landau Family as is well known, do not rely on most hechsherim in Israel!!! It is REALLY funny that he used that to make his point because in his mind, ALL their homes are not acceptable to his standards of kashrus, neither Porush, Litzman or Shaked and Bennett. Is he really saying that they are all trief?!