THE TRUE STORY: The Viral Video Of The Infant Left in A Stroller On Public Bus In Israel


A bus driver was surprised to discover a baby boy in a stroller still on the bus at the end of his run on Wednesday in Jerusalem. The bus driver filmed himself walking through the bus and showing the stroller that the child was in after the bus had made its final stop. He then uploaded the video to social media. “What am I supposed to do?” one can hear the driver asking during the video.

As can be expected, social media went wild with the video and people began sharing it widely across the world. The police were notified and conducted an investigation into the incident. As it turns out, the child was not forgotten nor abandoned on the bus as some who see the video may think.

According to the police report, a father had gotten on the bus with two children, one in a stroller the other in a car seat. At the final stop, the father exited the bus with the child in the car seat and went to put the seat down on the floor. He then attempted to get back on the bus to take the stroller but the driver had closed the doors and driven off. The driver apparently had not noticed the father’s attempts to reboard the bus.

The father saw the bus departing, picked up his son in the car seat and ran after the bus. When the bus stopped close to a hundred meters away, the driver got up to do a sweep of the bus and saw the stroller. Before the father arrived, panting, the bus driver had already filmed and uploaded the video. After he had done so, the father arrived to collect his older son.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Bus Driver wanted his 5 minutes of fame, This is why we are commanded to be Dan LeKav Zechut. Lesson learned: ask for help getting off bus in that kind of situation or get off at front of bus where driver can see you or make sure the bus driver knows to wait for you as you need more time getting off. I am sure the Father didnt anticipate such a situation but when it happens, realize that you cant depend on the bus drivers. Of course try to be helpful if you see a parent who needs help,